Not Procrastination… Just Research

21 May

I enjoy writing fanfiction, and I have one that has been “in the works” for over five years. Most of the time work and school have gotten in the way of me writing the damn thing, and suddenly six months pass since I last updated the story. I know it is annoying to the readers who enjoy the story, and I do feel bad… But, alas, such is life.

So, I had a bit of time, and I figured I would spend it writing a bit more of the fanfiction. I cracked open the notebook, found a pencil, and stared at the last sentence I wrote while trying to rack my brain for any sort of memory as to what I was going to write next in the story.

“Okay, maybe if I reread a bit of the story, it’ll come back to me.”

Flipping backwards in the notebook, I unconsciously picked the longest chapter to read over, finding tiny mistakes that I didn’t notice before, and a half hour of my self-proclaimed writing time is whittled away.

“Wait a minute… The latest chapter of this is on my computer, not in the notebook. Maybe that will give me a clue as to where I was going with this.”

With my laptop fired up, all hope of writing could be thrown out the window. The latest chapter was reread, along with reviews that people have sent me, and my profile on fanfiction[dot]net and my watch list and my favorites list and the favorites lists of the people I watch…

Obviously none of these lists and readings made me add a single word to my story. Once I realized this, I clicked right out of my fanfiction[dot]net profile…

And googled “how to get motivated to write.”

I spent another half hour reading tips and character guides that I found interesting, but not helpful when it came to my story. Then, somehow, I ended up on imdb[dot]come looking up the Avengers movie and the actors.

So, why am I on here now instead of writing my fanfiction?

…I don’t know.

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One response to “Not Procrastination… Just Research

  1. Rachel

    May 21, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    You suck. XD You should go read my “Motivation” post on my blog! It’ll help. 😉 (Not really…because I’m in the same boat as you)



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