Scribble: Metamorphosis

28 May

So, I enjoy writing, and I have three original novels in the works. One of them, the least developed at the moment, is tentatively titled “Downfall.” It has to do with magic and animal spirits… That’s as far as I got with it. With my attention span, I tend to do better writing little scenes to help figure out characters and their minds. As an exercise, I began writing little 100-word drabbles, if you will, based on the word metamorphosis and its synonyms (and synonyms of the synonyms and so forth), in the main male’s and female’s point of views. I thought I would share some just to see how people would react to the little snippets. I hope you enjoy them!


Metamorphosis wasn’t always just a physical change. Even as her hands changed to paws, even as her ears grew larger, even as her teeth turned into sharp fangs, the morphing was never just physical. Her brown eyes closed and opened as a golden hue, and her eyesight sent information that her human brain would have never understood. Her nose smelled fresh prey, her paws reveled in the soft grass and hard rocks beneath the pads. Her heart soared as she took off down the hill. She never transformed just physically into a wolf. Her spirit went through the metamorphosis, too.


It was a strange transformation, that he would admit. It didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would (which was a very pleasant discovery). One would think that having black wings abruptly grow out of one’s back would cause agony to the unfortunate person going through the transformation or, at the very least, make the person faint. However, he was able to watch with fascination as feathers sprouted from his back, as stray pieces fell to the floor. His eyes turned to his companion, whom looked only mildly interested. Of course; she went through a similar transformation every day.


He had never been prepared for this change in tactics. It certainly hadn’t seemed like something his companion would do. Since when was she one to order “strategic retreats?” He glanced at her as the pair ran through the dense woods, his large feet desperately trying to keep up with the smaller female weaving through the trees like a sly fox. Pondering on the point for a moment as they ran for their lives, he supposed it did make a bit of sense. After all, wolf packs never stuck around for fights that they cannot win, so why would she?


Their world was always evolving. Supposedly, in ancient times, there had only been one form of magic before it branched out into Fire, Earth, and Air. After the Elemental Magics came to be, there had been rumors of the land’s animals inheriting the powers as well. That was how there were people that were able to communicate with and change into the beasts. The rumors went on further, saying that the Animal Mages evolved. Those Mages lost themselves to the beasts’ minds and went mad, even savage. Some don’t even call it evolution; they say those unfortunate Mages “de-evolved.”


The strange old woman said that he would be “reborn,” and that thought had terrified him. What had she meant? Was she going to kill him, boil his blood, build him a new body? He didn’t want a rebirth. He didn’t care that he (supposedly) had two different souls fighting for dominance in his body. The souls never seemed to have fought before. He had always been content with his life. He was an Air Mage, and a darn good one at that. He most certainly did not have any sort of Air Beast sharing a piece of his spirit.

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