Scribble: Crown

27 May

A new story concept, it’s tentative title is “Crown.” I have no idea why, that’s just what popped in my head when I went to save it to my flash drive. Considering that the majority of what I read and write is considered fantasy, this was fun to write. This little blurb would probably be considered young adult drama, but it is extremely early to tell. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up fantasy eventually. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this nonetheless, and comments and critique are always welcomed:

Crystal was named after all the wealth her mother wished to have. She had been the result of a fling when Sheryl Bowen had been seventeen years old and smitten with a foreign exchange student who claimed he was a prince. He had returned to his home country when Sheryl had been about to pop. Sheryl had never heard from her supposed prince again.

Despite growing up fatherless, Crystal had seen her fair share of men. After five years, her maternal grandparents refused to shelter Sheryl any longer due to her many boyfriends and unsteady jobs. Crystal went along with her mother wherever Sheryl ended up. Growing up, Crystal had met many of her mother’s male “companions.” Most were decent, and the only true complaint Crystal had were her lack of friends.

Generally Crystal adapted well, however, and enjoyed living in many different towns and cities. Sheryl had a habit of moving after interesting jobs she found online. She claimed to keep switching jobs to keep from being bored and to expose Crystal to different elements of the world. Crystal knew that her mother just preferred to follow guys.

The father-figure that Sheryl planned for this year was a Mr. Charles Hensley, some businessman from New York City. Sheryl had an “accidental” meeting with Mr. Hensley when she was a receptionist at a publisher’s firm that he visited in their last city. One look at Mr. Hensley’s strong jaw, broad shoulders, and ocean-blue eyes a woman could dive into – all Sheryl’s words, of course – and it was good-bye Boston, hello New York. Sheryl said Mr. Hensley had left her his business card with his address. Crystal believes that Sheryl found Mr. Hensley with the help of Google.

New York wasn’t the worst place to move to, so Crystal didn’t complain. She had been getting rather bored of Boston’s schools, and was looking forward to starting high school in a new city. Their apartment wasn’t so bad either, despite being a bit small.

“No penthouse?” Crystal asked as she took her first steps into the apartment. Her shoes clicked against the hardwood floor while she wandered into the living room, her hands funning over the leather couch.

“I thought it would be tasteful to work our way up,” Sheryl said, joining her daughter.

“Or is this all we could afford?” Crystal asked, moving away to look out the window. There was a park across the street, the greenery flanked by dull, gray buildings.

“Of course not.” Sheryl’s heels clicked over toward the open kitchen, and Crystal turned to watch her mother begin to unpack dishes. “It did help to cover the cost of your education.”

“Did you have to dip into my college savings again?” Crystal opened a couple of boxes, trying to find her belongings.

“No, no, that was just one time.” Sheryl had abandoned the dishes and had moved to another box with books. “I was talking about your new high school.”

“Since when does public high school cost more than the taxes?” Crystal asked.

“It doesn’t,” Sheryl said cheerfully. “The Rothwright school costs a pretty penny, though.”

Crystal gawked. “I’m going to school there? Mom, how… Why?”

Sheryl smiled and tapped Crystal’s cheek when she passed by with a box of curtains. “Only the best for my daughter.”

Crystal watched Sheryl hang the curtains, then leaned against the wall, her arms crossed in front of her. “Does Mr. Hensley work nearby…?”

“Don’t be silly,” Sheryl said. “Charles works downtown, near the Brooklyn county line.” Crystal waited but a moment before Sheryl added, “His son goes to Rothwright.”

“Ah, a natural ice-breaker.” Crystal nodded in understanding, yet rolled her eyes. “Planning on ambushing Mr. Hensley at a PTO meeting?”

“Perhaps.” Sheryl winked. Growing somber, she said, “You do understand how prestigious this high school is, yes? Everything you do will be noticed by everyone.”

“I’m also the new girl,” Crystal said thoughtfully. “I’d be scrutinized more than the average student.”

“Very true,” Sheryl said. She went to her daughter and tugged at Crystal’s sleeve, eying the material. “You’ll need a new wardrobe.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?” Crystal pulled away from her mother’s grasp.

“Please, dear,” Sheryl said, shaking her head. “We’re in New York, a city that is always at the height of fashion, among other things. Your appearance will be a key factor in creating a lasting first impression. Come, let’s go shopping.”

“What?” Crystal watched Sheryl grab her purse and head out the apartment door. Crystal jogged to catch up to her mother. “Now?”

“No time like the present,” was Sheryl’s response. Crystal sighed and resigned herself to her mother’s plans.

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