Time to Write

31 May

Rachel: “Why the hell am I putting myself through all of this?!”

Rachel and I were having a discussion about why writers write after she finished revising the latest draft of one of her novels. Honestly, unless we’re Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, we’re not making much writing, especially when we just start out. Rachel and I both have day jobs we love and enjoy, and we make decent money. So, why write?

Rachel has completed at least three or four novels, as well as a children’s picture book or two. None of them are published (yet!), but she has submitted and queried a few of her finished works. Her latest novel that she has finished revising is in its fifth draft (hence the quote at the top of this post). After finishing that up, she had sent me a, “Tag, you’re it!” text message to let me know that it’s my turn to critique and edit. I’m very proud of her tenacity regarding her writing, even if we do have “What are we doing?!” moments.

As for me, I have quite a few strong beginnings of novels in the works, some a couple of years old. My problem is ending the things. It’s difficult finding the time, the creativity, the whatever-other-excuse I can find. Within these past couple of days, I’ve been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers. It’s a brilliant read so far; I recommend it to anyone and everyone who enjoys reading and writing! Rachel and I found it among the writing books in Barnes and Noble during our last visit, and I’m in the middle of the chapter about finding time to write.

Reading some of these stories about people resolving to stop procrastinating and write even when they just have 20 minutes to spare was fantastic. Why can’t I do that? Even if it’s just a bit before going to work, to sleep, waiting for the kids to come home… I already bring a little notebook and a pen with me everywhere, and I can definitely write more during my lunch breaks at work.

It may not be New Year’s, but I can certainly make this as a resolution, right?

Happy blogging, everyone!


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2 responses to “Time to Write

  1. jeannie

    May 31, 2013 at 11:48 am

    I’m wandering through your blog and enjoying it immensely.
    Just a thought — you don’t lack time, you lack confidence. When we procrastinate, it means we have the time but not the inclination. The overwhelming number of books out there and the quality of them . . . how can we compete, right? Sometimes it seems *why bother?* I’ll tell you why — there’s nothing like typing the words *THE END* and knowing it is. Of course you’ll revisit, revise and rewrite (even after it’s published) but I’m sure Rachel can tell you how sweet it is to finish. You two are young and far more well versed in the digital world than someone like me, but I self-published my novel through amazon & kobo and am trying to make the leap to Sony and ipad (although I’m finding them a menace).
    As for endings, nothing is ever as it seems. Just remember that. Layer your novel with different textures so that when the *reveal* comes, it surprises even you.
    Sorry for writing a whole entry in your comments section . . . my kids say I’m too wordy. Obviously. But I was happy to see your comment on my page and I felt compelled to pay you a visit. I’m not sure how often you’ll find me this way because I’m generally a blogger girl and wordpress is beyond confusing, but I’m glad I stopped by.


    • Kris P.

      May 31, 2013 at 10:12 pm

      I welcome entries in my comments section. 🙂 I’m very grateful that you took the time to write to me! Your thought concerning procrastination was not one I’ve ever thought of; generally, I’m a very confident person, one who is able to speak her mind and is not easily embarrassed at all. Yet, the lack of confidence makes perfect sense. I have vowed to write a little bit each day when I can, such as my dinner break at work. Every little bit counts, after all. I’m glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed my blog. I’ll definitely keep an eye on yours. Happy writing!



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