Scribble: Crown 3

04 Jun

Part Three of “Crown.” Enjoy!

He swiped his tongue over her lips, the taste of watermelon chapstick making him grin into the kiss. She obediently opened her mouth, allowing his tongue in, while her fingernails poked his side. He squirmed, their giggles in response to his ticklish reaction muffled from their connected lips. They broke apart for a breath, and he laid his forehead against hers.

“How about that, Love?” he asked in a whisper. “Was that good enough?”

“It’ll do,” she said. They exchanged a grin and he pulled away so she could reach into her pocket. She took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “One cigarette for a kiss. Be sure to come back if you want more.”

He inhaled the hot smoke, waiting for the nicotine rush to grant him a small high. With a lazy smile, he exhaled the smoke through his nose and said, “Of course, Love. I always come back to you.” She took back her lighter, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then bid him good-bye as she left the alley and returned to her cashier job at the convenience store. He watched her go, her work pants tight on her ass, and leaned against a street light to enjoy his cigarette after she disappeared.


Damon turned and blew a cloud of smoke toward his friend. The haze made the other man’s light brown hair look gray. “What’s up, Flint?”

Flint ducked his head and gave the smoke a moment to dissipate before responding. “What was her name?”

“I’m not sure,” Damon said, his eyes glancing through the store’s window at the young woman granting her customer a fake smile. “Amy? Bianca? Mildred?”

“You should probably figure it out,” Flint said, eying the redhead. “You see her at least once a week to exchange a favor for a cigarette.”

“Of course you would know that.” Damon took another drag of his cigarette. “Is her boss one of your spies?”

Flint said, “If I truly had spies, I would have known where you were all day instead of school. I hardly dare to believe that your lips were locked with that young woman this whole time.”

Damon threw what was left of his cigarette onto the ground and stomped on it as the pair walked down the sidewalk. “I didn’t feel like summer vacation should be over, that’s all. That adventure movie premiered today and I went to see it. It wasn’t as great as the reviews said, but there was a decent romance part that would be perfect for a make-out session–”

“You missed the new girl.”

“Is she a looker?”

Flint raised an eyebrow, his mouth twitching into a crooked smile. “She is pretty. Dark features, cleans up well. Perhaps it was good that you skipped today. You probably would have frightened her away.”

Damon grinned. “C’mon, people love me. Especially women. What’s her name?”

“Crystal Bowen.”

“Crystal, hm?” Damon winked at a young lady in a skirt that passed by. “Nice name. Reminds me of a college junior I met last winter, Jade.”

“You weren’t the father of her child, were you?” Flint asked. “I can’t recall how that turned out.”

“Nah, one of her other friends with benefits is the baby daddy,” Damon said. “I don’t recognize the name Bowen. Her family do anything special?”

“I’m in the process of figuring that out,” Flint said, nodding to the doorman of the Hensley Publishing Incorporation building. Damon gave the doorman a salute and followed Flint through the lobby.

“Your spies working overtime?” Damon asked. They entered the elevator and Damon jabbed the button to their floor.

Flint just smiled as a response, and the rode the elevator in near silence. Damon felt the need to hum along with the elevator music until they got to the editing offices.

“I’ll let you know whatever I find out,” Flint said, and took his seat at his desk. Damon sat across from him with a smirk and reached for the first article that he was to proof read.

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