Short Story Sunday – “Precious”

10 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Don’t forget to appreciate the wonderful women in your life today! 🙂


She had always been primped and polished and spoiled, the precious gem of the royal family, the youngest and only daughter, the best bargain for neighboring nobles and kingdoms who wished to come into favor of the monarch.

Princess Opal made sure that she was not simply a prize to be won by some sniveling, arrogant son of a noble family. She had high demands for her future husband, and her parents were more than accommodating for her preferences.

Redheaded suitors were out of the running before they even stepped into the throne room. Their ginger heads would clash horribly with the design ideas that she had for the bedroom that she and her husband would live in together.

Green-eyed men would not do. Princess Opal had green eyes and, while she loved them dearly and attributed that they helped with her beauty, she would prefer a bit more of a variety in her own children. That, and she couldn’t risk her husband having a prettier shade than she.

Her husband must be good with animals, especially with horses and falcons, for whatever manor she would live in with her future spouse would have the animals in abundance. Dogs and cats were also a few favorite species. Opal firmly believed that whenever she was at odds with her husband, the animals would keep her company until he decided to beg her for forgiveness.

He should be taller than she, but not as tall as her father. No man should be taller than the king, of course. Her husband should always know the feeling of being looked down upon, to keep whatever cockiness in his personality in check. Her suitor should also be trim and fit, but not as athletic as her three elder brothers. Having the princes of the realm better at sports – either swordplay, jousting, or archery – than her suitor would heighten the power of her birth family.

Her parents all agreed to her demands, and did not seem too deterred at the lack of suitors that came knocking at the door. They all seemed to be more concerned with whatever bride Opal’s eldest brother, the heir to the throne, would choose to lead by his side. One day, however, the royal family got a surprise guest.

He had dull brown hair with eyes of the same shade, and no steel weapons hiding in the sleeves of his cloak. Rather, he held onto a staff created of twisting mahogany wood in one hand while his other arm was a perch for rather tamed owl. He was only a couple of mere inches taller than Opal when he did stand up straight. Generally, he was slouching, as if he was permanently bent over a desk or a book.

“Your Majesties,” the young man greeted, bowing low to the king and queen.

“Well met, good sir,” her father greeted in return. “Whom do we have the honor of entertaining, and for what reason is he visiting our manor?”

“My name is Castor,” the man said, “and I have come to see the fair princess.”

“The fair princess is here,” Princess Opal said from beside her mother’s throne. She scrutinized the stranger and ignored his smile. “For what reason do you seek me?”

“I find that it is high time I seek a bride,” Castor said, “and I was more than curious if the princess would have the hand of a wizard…”

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