Short Story Sunday – “Reflection”

24 May


The creature stared at Sierra, a crude reflection of her stupefied expression on its face. When she moved an arm, so did the creature, mimicking the movements to near precision. Impulsively, she tested out the creature’s abilities, and shot a weak bolt of electricity at it. The creature made the same gesture with an outstretched hand, but no electricity shot out. Instead, Sierra’s bolt landed on the creature’s shoulder, causing the skin and body to ripple and waver, as if the bolt had been a leaf disturbing an otherwise still pool of water.

“What are you?” Sierra whispered, leaning closer. The creature leaned forward as well, and Sierra reached out to touch its arm. Sierra’s hand went through it, as if it was plunged into water. She tried to pull it out, but it was stuck fast.

“Let go of me,” she said, struggling further. The creature mimicked her struggling movements, its opposite arm resting atop of her own, as if pretending its hand was caught as well.

A blast of flame shot at the creature, and it wavered with an eerie screech, melting back into the ground. “You alright?” Darrien asked as he caught up to Sierra’s side.

She flexed her fingers from her caught hand, staring at her appendages. “Yes, I think so,” she said. “Except… my hand’s all wet.”

“Well, if that’s all,” Darrien said, “then I think you were lucky. What is it with you and Alex both touching everything that strikes your curiosities?!”

Sierra ignored her friend’s scolding and looked back down at where the creature had disappeared to. “Where do you suppose it went?”

“I don’t care about that,” Darrien said. “I’m more concerned with where it came from. We don’t need more monsters popping out of the sewers to deal with tonight.”

She watched as he took the sky once more, doing one last sweep around the area to be sure the city would be safe for another night. With a deep breath and a heavy mind, Sierra reached for the power lines, her body transforming into electricity to travel along the lines back home.

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