Short Story Sunday – “Study”

31 May


“This is so boring…” Eddie moaned and banged his head against the textbook that was in his lap. Roy barely glanced at his friend’s semi-impressive acrobatic feat as he continued to busy himself with his own homework.

Eddie was suddenly right beside Roy’s desk, staring down at the blue-haired teen’s work. “How can you be doing this right now? History is, like, the most boring bedtime story ever.”

“Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it,” Roy said. “That’s a quote from some famous guy, I think. Will you move over?”

Eddie obliged. “Dude, you’re not a typical teen, are you?” he said. Without waiting for a response, he continued with, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you complain about doing homework once since I met you.”

Roy looked up at his friend then, actually pausing to mull over his words. “Guess it’s because I never had the opportunity to be able to work hard like this,” he said eventually. “Homework’s not fun, never has been, doubt it ever will be, but… This is the best opportunity I have for myself and my future. I had never believed that I would ever be out of the orphanage, Eddie. Now that I am, I just… I want to do something better with my life. Homework is annoying, but if it helps me prepare for my future, than that’s what I’m going to do.”

Eddie blinked and returned to sitting on Roy’s bed. “Easy there, man,” he said with a light chuckle. “I hadn’t asked for a lecture. But, yeah, that all makes sense and totally leaves me feeling guilty and ashamed for trying to get out of doing homework.”

“I didn’t mean to–”

“I know you didn’t.” Eddie had an easy smile on his face and picked up his history book again. “Don’t worry about it. I think I needed a bit of that tough love in order to focus enough to study. Guess I should be saying thanks.”

Roy shook his head in good-humor. “Don’t sound too grateful there,” the blue-haired teen said, returning to his answer sheet. “You don’t need to grovel or anything.”

“Oh, please!” Eddie tossed a pink eraser at Roy’s desk, the item bouncing off of the surface to land in the nearby waste basket. “I will never grovel at your feet!”

“I’m not getting that,” Roy said, gesturing vaguely to the fallen eraser.

Eddie got up to do just that, yet on the way back to his seat on Roy’s bed, he purposefully bumped Roy’s arm, sending sporadic pencil marks all over the blue-haired teen’s answer sheet. Roy shoved Eddie away, which prompted Eddie to toss Roy’s pillow at the other teen. Soon enough, the homework was momentarily forgotten as the room erupted into a pillow fight.

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