Of Actors and Writers

29 Jan

Have you ever thought how similar writers and actors are?

Both writers and actors make a living by playing and researching the roles of all sorts of different people (and, at times, creatures that aren’t humanoid). Think about it. As writers, we need to be detectives, aliens, princesses, mermaids, chefs, archaeologists, wizards, wolves, superheroes, dancers, unicorns, clowns, students, professors, scientists, plumbers, dragons, sales associates, thieves, assassins, judges, androids, and goldfish.

You know, just to name a few.

Actors do the same. They research and learn lines to be someone (or something) else entirely with their physical being. The majority of actors are capable of filling in all sorts of roles and people depending on what their agents/directors/producers need them to be. Writers research and create lines while pretending to be several different roles at once, stretching their mental capacity in an attempt to keep all the personas separate.

One writing tip I’ve often heard is to binge watch movies and television shows so, as a writer, one can see how arcs and characters develop. A lot of credit goes to the actors, who are (usually) brilliant in their roles. However, just as much credit needs to go to the shows’/movies’ writers as well.

After all, they tell the stories too.

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