Sunday Scribble – “The Key”

14 Feb

The Key

We’ll never know what happened to it.

The key was blackened, maybe from smoke, with many of the teeth half-melted and molded into each other. Everyone’s guess was that the key got caught in some sort of fire, but that was it. Just a guess. The key had been found in an open field of the old park, the old park that hadn’t had its grass mowed in years. Had something in that area centuries ago burned down, with the key, only to let nature take its course and allow grass and weeds to regrow in the same spot?

“Now that we got it, what do we do with it?” Robin asked. She always was the one to say what was on everyone’s minds.

“I’m so curious as to what this key opens up,” Jason said, marveling at the piece of junk. “Maybe if we do a bit of research, we can find out what used to be in that field.”

“Isn’t that where the witch burnings were?” Sarah asked. “It’s where they reenact the Salem Witch Trials every year around Halloween, anyway.”

“That’s right!” Jason said. “Maybe this was a key to some witch’s valuable treasure. The witches’ homes were looted, I assume, after they died.”

“Yeah, right.” I smirked and plucked the key out of Jason’s hand. “Maybe this is the key to the cupboard where the witch kept her favorite cauldron.”

“Or her book of spells,” Robin said.

“Or a vial of love potion.” Sarah giggled.

“Laugh all you want, girls,” Jason said easily, “but this could seriously be a great find. Imagine if this was to some ancient treasure. It may even fetch a decent price at a museum if it’s old enough.”

“Who would want to pay for this thing?” I asked, watching the metal bend slightly under the pressure of my hand.

Jason saved the old key from me breaking it in half. “I don’t know,” he said, shrugging. “But it’s still something I would like to look into.”

“You do that,” Robin said. “Meanwhile, us girls are going to see that new action movie. Jude Law looks hot in it!”

“You would think he’d look hot in a skirt,” Sarah teased.

“Didn’t he do that once?” I asked. “I believe the movie had robots in it…”

“I’m not needed in this conversation,” Jason said, shaking his head at our girl talk. “C’mon. I’ll give you all a ride to the theater. Thanks again for taking the time to come and help me with my summer project.”

As for the key, that was that, as far as I was concerned. I honestly forgot about the thing while cooing over Jude Law with Sarah and Robin. It wasn’t until a couple of months after the new school year started that Jason brought the key up again.

“So, I was thinking that the key really did have something do with the witch trials,” he said during lunch.

Sarah paused in taking a bite of her sandwich. “What key?” she asked.

“The key we found in the park last July,” Jason said patiently. Robin and I just nodded along. “Anyways, I did some research and found out that the old government, or whoever decided who was a witch, kept a notebook under lock and key, quite possibly our found key, of the so-called witches. Not only that, this notebook had not only suspected witches, but also people who may have been dangerous or annoying to the government in some way.”

“It was a little black book of enemies?” I asked, trying to clarify Jason’s explanation.

“More or less, yes,” Jason said. “It was a list of accused witches and those that could easily be gotten rid of by being accused as a witch.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “These government clowns got rid of their enemies by claiming that they were witches? That was nice of them.”

“I thought so,” Jason said. “I was also thinking that maybe we could try finding this notebook.”

“That key was the only thing in that field,” Sarah said. “There was nothing around besides grass and dirt.”

“Besides, even if we did happen to find this notebook,” Robin said, “how would we open it? The key is useless.”

“I’m sure we could find a way,” Jason said.

I just continued eating my lunch. Little did I know, that Jason and his key would soon be the reasons why I would start a journey back through time. On the plus side, I was sure I could pass American history with my first-hand experiences.

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