Of Characters Creating Themselves

07 Nov

NaNo is still going pretty well for me. My characters are tons of fun, even if they haven’t turned out exactly as I had thought they would…

The prince and leader of this particular story is definitely more naive than I had originally imagined. I’m sure he’ll smarten up a bit while being out in the world on their journey. The healer is pessimistic and can be snarky, like I had predicted, but he’s also much more timid than I would have pegged him. Of course, the pessimism and bouts of cowardice lead to some deliciously sarcastic dialogue that’s so much fun to write! Then there’s the knight, who decided that she’s female because we needed more chicks in the story, which is fine with me, and she’s probably the most competent one of the three of them when she was planned to be a bit spacey.

There are others who are popping up and they’re just… They’re all creating themselves and totally ignoring any sort of idea I had for them, and it’s fantastic! This ride is awesome and it actually seems like I have a plot forming, so, yay!

How is your NaNo (or latest writing project, if you have one) coming along?

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