Sunday Scribble – “After Effect Part 3”

15 Jan

After Effect
Part 3

It took Hazel’s new roommate over ten minutes to actually look her in the eye. Hazel wasn’t too sure why. As far as Hazel knew, she was being fairly friendly. She had even offered to switch beds if the other girl had wanted. Of course, it probably didn’t help that Hazel eventually started getting short with Skylar when Skylar barely spoke above a mumble.

“What is your problem?” Hazel eventually demanded. “Am I really that scary?”

That got Skylar’s attention and Hazel was treated to the other girl’s dark eyes. “No, not right now.”

Skylar dropped her bags and retreated to the bathroom down the hall, leaving Hazel with that cryptic thought.

Hazel rolled her eyes and shrugged before returning to her homework. It was actually much later when there was a knock on her bedroom door, so much later that she nearly forgot that she had a new roommate until she nearly tripped over Skylar’s bags to get to the door.

“I hope you’re here to tell me where that one got off to,” Hazel said to Alex as a greeting, jerking her thumb in the general direction of Skylar’s bags.

Alex ran a hand through his blond hair, looking out of his element. “Actually, I wanted to see if you had done anything to upset her. She doesn’t want to room with you.”

Hazel gaped. It took her a moment to find her voice again. “I didn’t do anything! I was just trying to be nice, showing her around the room, letting her know where the bathroom was, telling her about classes… I mean, I don’t know, maybe I talked too much or too loud or maybe my explanation of the exercise classes scared her—”

“That was my first thought,” Alex interrupted. He paused, and Hazel wondered if discipline wasn’t his usual job. That seemed to be more of a Darrien thing. “Did you draw anything that may have spooked her?”

“We didn’t talk about our powers at all,” Hazel said. “Never got a chance to before she ran out of the room. She barely spoke.”

“Well, you made her uncomfortable somehow.” Yeah, Hazel was sure Alex’s lack of tact in the teenage rearing department came from having no practice in the art. “I didn’t get much of a story out of her either, to be honest. I’m not sure if any of the other girls are willing to move at the moment, so I’m hoping that the pair of you will be up for trying to move in together again?”

“There wasn’t a first try,” Hazel said. “Whatever, though. I’ll try to be friendlier than I apparently was if she’s willing to come back.”

Alex gave her a relieved smile before disappearing and Hazel rolled her eyes as she returned to her homework. It didn’t take long before Alex returned with Skylar in tow. “Look, Skylar,” Alex said as the pair walked into the room, “Hazel was only trying to be friendly. Can we try again to get along?”

Skylar heaved a deep breath and looked at Hazel as if Hazel was nothing more than a squashed bug. “I’ll try, but I want a new roommate as soon as I can get one.”

Hazel glared. “We didn’t even talk for ten minutes. What on earth could I have done to earn this attitude from you?”

“It’s not what you did,” Skylar said. “It’s what you’re going to do.”

“Come again?” Hazel glanced at Alex for an explanation and, after a long clearing of his throat, he gave one.

“Skylar is clairvoyant,” he said.

“So, what,” Hazel said, directing her attention back to Skylar, “you can see me pulling a prank on you? What do I do, put your hand in warm water while you sleep to make you wet the bed?”

Skylar sighed. “No, you… I don’t really know what you do, I can’t see all of it, but I know I won’t like it.”

“You hate me and you don’t even know why,” Hazel pointed out. “Maybe I end up doing this thing that you don’t like in retaliation for the major attitude you’re giving me, ever think of that?” Skylar pursed her lips, and Hazel pressed on. “Maybe if we start over and just be nice to each other, that vision that you can’t see all of will go away one day.”

“It may be worth a try,” Alex said when Skylar didn’t respond immediately. “If that bad feeling doesn’t go away after a while, then we’ll figure out a roommate switch, okay?”

Skylar’s shoulders sagged. “Okay, fine… I’ll try.”

“Great!” Hazel’s enthusiastic agreement made Skylar jump, but Hazel paid it no heed as she stuck out a hand. “I’m Hazel White. Nice to meet you, roomie!”

The corner of Skylar’s lips twitched into a smile as she slowly returned the handshake. “Skylar Chen.”

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