Sunday Scribble – “Bittersweet”

30 Apr

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Logan’s ticket out of the city had been booked before the high school graduation had even had a solid date.

Sure, Seamus had offered the guest room in his family’s house for Logan to use after high school (“Even during college, if you want! You’ll always have a place with my family.”) that Logan greatly appreciated, but he just needed to get the hell out of the city. Connor had continuously mentioned that his older brother was looking for roommates in his new apartment off the campus of the local college, but Logan knew he needed a break from his hometown. Maybe one day he’d be able to return, but it wasn’t going to be any time soon.

There wasn’t much to do after getting handed his diploma except take a couple of group pictures with his friends. Aidan’s parents even insisted on getting a solo picture of Logan (just like how all parents were supposed to do with their children, had they attended their child’s graduation), cooing over how handsome Logan looked in his cap and gown, and promising to print out the picture and frame it for him.

(Aidan wouldn’t even be graduating until the next year.)

Logan just nodded along, smiling with all the kind words being said about the achievements he had reached in his high school career until he had been able to discreetly sneak out of the celebration being held on the high school’s lawn.

He took a deep breath in the early summer heat, yanking off his cap and tugging at the collar of the graduation gown as he trudged toward his car in the parking lot. He paused only due to seeing Madison leaning against the hood of his old Ford Explorer.

Her cap was crooked on her head, sitting atop blonde hair streaked with blue that reminded him of the cotton candy she had gotten at the fair they had gone to on their first date two years ago. The front zipper of her gown was undone, letting the few breezes that managed to muster up their strength to help cool the day billow the gown open enough to show off her light green sundress, the hem stopping just below the knee and letting his gaze drag down to the tanned calves that he had admired so often throughout high school.

“Were you really going to leave without saying goodbye?” Madison’s light tone snapped Logan’s attention to her face.

“I wouldn’t have,” he said, “if you had been with everyone else at the celebration. Apparently you came out here ahead of me for a dramatic confrontation.” Her flair for the dramatics had been what attracted to and repulsed him from her throughout the years. Seamus had half-joked often enough that she had been a magnet, a magnet for people and for trouble. (God, how he would miss that.)

She pursed her lips, stained with the remnants of some nude-shaded lipstick, and she pushed herself off from his car. She walked to him, putting her arms around his neck, and pulling him into a kiss.

Short, a small bite to the bottom lip, a retreat before they began to really enjoy it. It had been just like the one from their last break-up.

“Call if you need help or just want to talk, okay?” Her voice is as soft as the breeze, a promised whisper snatched by the wind.

“I will.” He won’t.

(At least, not her. He’s tried that before. It didn’t work.)

Neither say another word as Logan moves around Madison to reach his car, unlock the door, rev it up, and cruise out of the parking lot. He had glanced back in his rearview mirror once at the high school that had been his safe haven with his friends throughout the past few years.

He didn’t turn to look down the street of his mother’s house when he passed it by on the way to the train station.


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