Of Genres and Homework

02 Jun

ecfa03da703b9ab70611aaa178dc5983Rachel and I got homework from our writer’s group the other night.

Our writer’s group is shifting its focus on genre as opposed to general discussion of our writing samples, and it’s great. We’re looking forward to this slight change of direction in our group, especially since Rachel and I tend to just write our stories before thinking too much about what genre the story fits into.

So, for “homework,” everyone in the group was assigned a genre, most of them based off of the writing samples we had been submitting lately. My genre is science-fiction.

The majority of the stories I write swing toward fantasy — I love magic, mythical creatures, new worlds — but I do touch upon sci-fi, especially when it comes to superhero origin stories and technology. While growing up, sci-fi always equaled space and aliens, so I never pegged many of my stories into that kind of genre. I was fascinated with stories that took place in space with fancy tech gadgets, but if the language in the story was too heavy with the technology jargon, I tended to get lost.

With that said, the assignment is to do a bit of research of the genre, to find a few reading and writing samples of the genre. I’m thinking of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline as a sample, considering it shares the premise of being in a virtual world or video game setting as the latest story I’ve been sending to the writer’s group. I have a couple of Star Trek novels as well, and my brain keeps informing me that I should take out Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from the library this month. Considering the majority of my bookshelf is comprised of novels from the fantasy section of the bookstore rather than sci-fi, I feel as if my sci-fi selection is a little limited.

Anyone else have sci-fi recommendations?

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One response to “Of Genres and Homework

  1. kairos5

    June 3, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Franchise wise there is also the Star Wars EU, and I’ve been meaning to start reading the books from Warhammer 40,000. Full disclosure I haven’t started reading into these series, I’ve just been meaning to get into them because I like Star Wars and Warhammer 40k (more the Dawn of War games). Also I’ve heard good/interesting things about them from friends and the internet, and you can always trust what’s on the internet.



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