Sunday Scribble – “Bittersweet Part Four”

23 Jul

Part Four
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It took Glenn another moment before saying, “Tell me about your work, then. It’s a point in your favor that you already have a job.”

Logan took the change in subject in stride and did his best not to seem too excited with the latter part of Glenn’s comment. While there wasn’t too much to tell regarding being a waiter (really, how many ways can you describe writing down orders, taking them to the cooks, pick up the orders, then bringing them to the correct table?), Logan hoped that he conveyed enough details so Glenn wouldn’t think he was lying about having a job.

(Not that there would be a reason for Glenn to think he was lying, but his mother used to tell white lies all the time in order to persuade managers or bankers over to her side.)

“I’m usually scheduled five shifts a week,” Logan said, “but I’ve been trying to pick up more, usually on Sundays for the time and a half.”

“Do you like it there?” Glenn asked.

“Well, it’s a job.” Logan shrugged. “As long as I work hard enough to get paid, I won’t complain.”

“I didn’t say anything about you complaining,” Glenn said. “I asked if you enjoyed being there.”

Logan wasn’t sure how he was supposed to respond, and he desperately hoped that Glenn wasn’t deducting points against him getting the room. “I enjoy it enough, I suppose,” he eventually settled with as a reply. Was that enough? Why did it matter if he enjoyed it as long as he was getting paid enough to earn his keep?

“You get along well with your coworkers and supervisors?” was Glenn’s next question.

“Yes, very well,” Logan said, figuring that how well he got along with them could give Glenn an idea of how decent of a roommate he’d be.

“How long do you plan on being at Chefron’s?”

What? No, Logan didn’t want to think about a timeline for his job. He didn’t want to be a waiter for the rest of his life, but he also didn’t want to be stuck in the mentality that he needed a day-by-day plan. His mother had one picked out for him, so detailed that Logan wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that she even had a church booked for a wedding date, and to even think about how long he’d be at one job when all he really wanted was to figure out his own life was too much–

“Logan?” Glenn snapped in front of his face and he jumped, his chair wobbling, and the other half of his Frappuccino almost falling off the table. Glenn caught the Starbucks drink without taking her eyes off him. “You alright there?”

“Yeah, yes, I’m sorry,” Logan said, rubbing his temple for a moment, acutely aware of how hot his face was. “I just… uh…”

“Too much espresso?” Glenn raised an eyebrow.

“Must be.” Logan was positive both of them knew he was lying, but he would take the offered excuse. “I was up late last night after my shift and thought that an extra shot would keep me awake and alert, but apparently it did the opposite, heh.”

“Apparently,” Glenn agreed dryly. She took a sip of her Frappuccino, the slurping sound being the only thing to break the silence for the next moment. Logan hoped she wouldn’t repeat her previous question, for he still had no idea how to answer it, but he wasn’t quite prepared for her asking, “Do you have any plans for college?”

Logan briefly thought of the trio of acceptance letters he still had stuffed somewhere in the bottom of his suitcase, unsure as to why he had actually brought them with him (maybe as a reminder that he actually did do well in high school, even if accounting and business weren’t what he would have majored in had he been given the choice).

(What would he have chosen as a major if his family name hadn’t chosen for him? He hadn’t been able to develop enough of his own interests to really think about it.)

“No,” Logan answered. “Not anytime soon, anyway.”

“Yeah, don’t rush it,” Glenn said, swinging an easy and casual atmosphere back to the conversation. “I think there’s so much pressure to go to college nowadays. I think it doesn’t make sense to go if you don’t know what you want out of it, especially with how expensive it can be.”

“Are you in college?” Logan asked. Being a few years older than he, he had assumed she was.

Instead, she shook her head. “Nah. Went long enough to get an associate’s degree in IT, just a couple of years, since I had the grades from high school. I was never a fan of the classroom setting, though, and found a job that I enjoy.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a dog trainer,” she said with a grin. “It’s tons of fun, especially with the really young puppies!”

While he smiled at the enthusiastic response, but was still puzzled enough to say, “That doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with IT.”

“Oh, of course it doesn’t.” Glenn shrugged. “I just found that working with animals was more my calling.”

“It sounds like you enjoy it,” Logan said honestly. Maybe one day he could find something that was his calling, as Glenn put it, as well. “What about your sister? I remember you mentioned that she was still in high school, but is she thinking about college?”

“Sort of?” Glenn said. “Merry is going back and forth between ideas, but I don’t think she’s freaking out about it. I know she wants to get some sort of degree, but she has no idea in what yet. Education, journalism, nursing, oceanography…”

Logan chuckled. “She has big plans, by the sound of it.”

Glenn smiled. “That she does. She has the drive to do it all, too, if she really wanted.”

“I hope I get to meet her,” Logan said.

“Well, that’s the next test,” Glenn said, finishing up her Frappuccino and tossing it into the trash bin behind her. “If you’re still interested in the room after meeting me, we can set up a second meeting where you’ll meet Merry, answer any questions she may have, and we’ll answer any other questions you think of.”

“Oh, I’m definitely still interested in the room,” Logan said. “I’m hoping that you’re willing to still consider me as a roommate.”

“And we’re back to being formal.” Glenn cracked a crooked grin. “No worries, buddy, you’re still in the running. I judge by how long it takes me to finish a Frappuccino during an interview to see if you’d be a decent fit.”

Logan’s brows furrowed in confusion. “I’m not sure I follow.”

“The faster I drink my Frappuccino, the shorter the interview,” Glenn said, “because the faster I drink my Frappuccino, the faster I want to be done talking. Get it?”

Logan glanced at his watch, finding that they spent a decent time chatting. “Well, then, I’m flattered you didn’t rush through your drink.”

“You should be.” Glenn winked. “Alrightie, so I have your email. I’ll send you another set of dates and places to meet up so you can become acquainted with Merry.”

“Excellent.” Logan stood up with Glenn and gave her another handshake. “Thank you for your time. It was wonderful meeting you.”

“Likewise,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Logan.”

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