Continuing my October daily flash fiction, the prompts can be found here.

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Day 6: Ashes

Her hands were gray and black from the ashes. Spots of red here and there indicated that her palms had grown callous enough to blister and bleed, but she didn’t recall when. Her focus had been solely on digging through the volcanic ash, heedless of the smoke still lingering in the air. She had to find it. It was buried somewhere among the ashes, a solitary sapphire gemstone. She didn’t understand the significance of the stone, but her employer did. Giving up was not an option. She would either die trying to find it… Or die for not having it.

Day 7: Lightning

Lightning danced in her eyes, the hazel color flecked with spots of gold. It was difficult to keep up with her, always had been. Ideas sparked in her head and she ran with each one, and it was all he could do not to stumble after her from one adventure to the next. Ideas that were good, ideas that were bad… It mattered not. He would follow, seeking that electrical charge that coursed through her naturally, if only so he could touch a spark and maybe have some of the same magic — the same brilliant power — enter him as well.

Day 8: Seek

“What is it that you seek?” the sphinx asked, its eyes gazing at nothing. He stared at the creature blankly, not prepared for the question at all. He was prepared for riddles. He had studied countless books, both modern and history, of riddles that taught him how to think critically for when he inevitably faced the sphinx. To be given an existential question instead was causing his mind to scramble. And yet, seeking the sphinx for power and guidance was why he had gone on this journey in the first place. Perhaps the sphinx’s question was a riddle after all…

Day 9: Owl

He wished for his own wings. After exploring a world full of people born with fantastic wings — modeled after birds like eagles and insects like butterflies and mythical creatures like dragons — he wanted to fly. He decided he would like owl wings. Thick feathers with a decent wingspan so he could glide through the sky would be ideal. A snowy white owl would look handsome with his frame, or the tawny brown wings of a barn owl would be fun. As a symbol of wisdom, he figured an owl would be appropriate, despite the teasing he got from his friends.

Day 10: Pumpkin

The pumpkin had been hollowed out and given the traditional face of most jack o’lanturns, something that she had been doing since she was a young girl. With the top cut as a cover, she placed a small tealight candle inside, ready to help light up her front steps at night. Unfortunately, the squirrels had other plans. She knew they’d nibble on the pumpkin until she got rid of it, but she hadn’t expected to come home one night to see the cover tossed to the side and a squirrel curiously holding the candle in the middle of her yard…

Day 11: Professor

The new professor was the same age as him. He hadn’t believed she was the professor he was supposed to be aiding. He thought she was a student trying to pull an ill-guided prank. When he didn’t believe her at first (and for the second and third time they spoke), her cheeks turned crimson. He almost lost his job before it started. Despite the rough start, the week leading up to the start of the semester gave the pair time to clear the air. She was brilliant, and he vowed to be one of her best allies for the year.

Day 12: School

It was the most absurd school she had ever seen. When she saw the advertisement for an art teacher for the private school online, she figured she had nothing to lose by applying. Yet, the school was full of students roaming about instead of in classrooms, with teachers here and there providing quips of wisdom in the hallways as opposed to keeping order. She could even swore she saw one student holding fire in his hands, but dismissed it as a trick of the light. He must have had a match, or something that was surely against the school’s policies…