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13 Reasons Why

So. What’s up with the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why?”

This series is based off of a book published ten years ago by Jay Asher, which is about a young girl who committed suicide, leaving behind 13 audio tapes to the people she considered the reasons as to why she killed herself. The series itself is rated TV-MA for mature audiences for a plethora of reasons, including the suicide, of course, as well as graphic images and descriptions of self-harm, bullying, and rape.

While the Netflix series has a high rating, the book itself is generally aimed towards teens. I know that one of my younger cousins has read the story, and I’ve seen Rachel pick it up off of Barnes and Noble’s bookshelves to give it a look, but due to the summary of the novel, I was never interested in looking at it farther than the blurb on the back cover. Suicide is such a serious and sad topic that, while I’m sure the author handled it very sensitively, the thought of reading about it for fictional drama was not for me.

(Similarly, it’s why I’ve never read The Hunger Games series, although I know how much its fans love it. I can’t wrap my mind around a world that actively televised and watched children kill each other. It sounds a little strange, considering the other kind of high fantasy I read, but I digress.)

“13 Reasons Why” on Netflix is making quite a few headlines lately, most notably with people condemning it for “romanticizing” suicide. Others claim that it’s sensitive to the difficult topic, that it’s a great tool for opening up conversations between parents and teens about suicide, bullying, self-harm, rape.

Schools are sending out mass emails and letters to parents to warn them about this series that many of their children are already watching, despite the MA rating. It was the dominate topic of conversation at the dinner table just last night between my parents, Rachel, me and my two teenage cousins who were joining us. They hear their classmates talking about it all over their schools, and their curiosities were piqued. The older of the pair had read the book, but I don’t believe she had realized how graphic the episodes could be.

We all spoke about how difficult and series the topics that “13 Reasons Why” touches upon, about how graphic the show may showcase the issues as, about why it’s important to understand the sensitivity and severity of the topics. They seemed receptive of the outcome of the conversation, but I fear they didn’t understand how serious the issues are.

It’s a little bittersweet, actually. Perhaps they don’t grasp the seriousness because they have been lucky enough to not have had experienced any of those issues in their little worlds, and I pray that they and everyone else who touches their lives never has to.

Again, I haven’t read the book or seen the series, nor am I inclined to do so, and I do not mean to offend anyone with my opinions. These are just my thoughts on this bit of controversy that’s surrounding a television series that had started as a book. Anyone else have thoughts on “13 Reasons Why?”


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Amazon Bookstore

An Amazon bookstore recently opened up in a city fairly close to us… and I spent too much money there.

I suppose there’s worse things I can spend my money on, right?

The bookstore was pretty neat. Rachel and I tend to go to our local Barnes and Noble, which is always great, but it was nice visiting another bookstore. Amazon was definitely smaller with its fewer shelves, but they had the books displayed face out. Seeing all the covers, along with little blurbs and reviews from the website right underneath them in a plaque, was fantastic. The majority of the selection seemed to come straight from Amazon’s most popular lists on their website.

I bought four graphic novel books, one hardcover, and three paperbacks. The hardcover and one of the paperbacks were for Rachel, but the majority of my money was still spent on books for me. Being an Amazon Prime member, I got the Prime membership prices, which was nice.

Payment was a bit odd for me, for I’m not one of those people who stores her credit card information on her phone and “taps” the register or card reader to pay. With my Amazon app on the phone, I needed to scan in a QR code by the register so the register knew I was a Prime member, then the payment was made with the card I have on file on my Amazon account.

It was really strange not taking out my card and swiping or inserting the chip. Like, I felt as if I forgot to pay. Now that I think about it, I wonder if they take cash at all?

Overall the experience was nice, and the workers there were very friendly and helpful. It was a bit crowded, which was understandable, and I think every bookstore could stand to be a little bigger, but it was nice visiting there.

Have you ever visited an Amazon bookstore?


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Side Characters

If you were introduced in a book, have you ever wondered what kind of character you would be?

If you weren’t the main protagonist, what would be your role? Would you be part of the protagonist’s squad, going with him/her/them to face the villain? Would you be one of the villain’s minions?

Or would you be a random side or background character? Perhaps you’d give the protagonist directions, teach him/her/them how to fight or how to navigate the land. Maybe you’d give some sage advice, or maybe you would just be the person yelling at them to get off your lawn.

Rachel and I did a similar post like this on our Double Jump blog, and I was curious as to how it would extend to book characters. Would your book-self be named? Would you show up in later chapters, or just have a one-time appearance and serve your purpose?

Obviously, everyone is the author to his/her/their own story… but have you ever thought about how much you help other people in their stories?


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Space in Your Room


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10 Ways to Seduce a Writer



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Keep Calm



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