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Writing Day Recipe

Prep time for this recipe is to clear one day of your calendar free of any social obligations.

Take your obligation-free day and add a light rainstorm to the weather, just enough to gray out the skies and emit a calming pitter-patter on the windows and roof.

Prepare your work station with the necessary ingredients. If you are going for the slow-cooked recipe, a blank notebook and a favorite pen with plenty of ink will do to add plenty of thoughtful flavor. A laptop and power cord generally yield faster results, with lots of bursts of creative flavor.

An accompanying side dish is a steaming mug of either coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Optional ingredients include fluffy kittens and sleepy puppies to help stay warm and cozy. Some people also find that soft music also enhances the flavor of the recipe.

Serving size is flexible enough to share with any fellow writers, although those who share a similar work ethic as yourself will most likely enjoy it best. Personal modifications to this recipe are encouraged to gain the maximum amount of writing done.

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A Peculiar Organism

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“Have a Prompt!” Saturday #60


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Sunday Scribble – “Confidence”


The girl looked impossibly small bundled in her winter jacket and thick, blue scarf. Her nose and cheeks were cherry-red from the cold wind and her knees shook as she stared up at the menu behind Raina.

“What are you nervous about?” Raina asked, trying to keep her voice mild rather than blunt. It was a skill that she was constantly working on.

The girl jumped, signaling that Raina hadn’t been completely successful, but gave Raina a timid smile. “Sorry,” she said. “I just have a job interview in an hour and I really hope I do well. It’d be a fantastic opportunity for me, but I’m terrified. I was hoping that a little pick-me-up from here would help.”

Raina smiled and leaned against the counter. “Yeah, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. I would advise against an extra shot of espresso, though. Wouldn’t do to have to go and pee in the middle of the interview.”

The girl chuckled lightly before finally placing an order for a medium caramel cappuccino. Raina rang her up and proceeded to make the girl’s drink as the girl wandered toward the rack of magazines at the end of the counter.

After checking to be sure the girl wasn’t looking, Raina twisted the emerald ring on her right index finger before pointing to the cappuccino and whispering, “Confisio.” She stirred up the caramel flavor and placed the cup at the end of the counter.

“One medium caramel cappuccino,” Raina called, getting the girl’s attention. With a smile, Raina added, “Best of luck at the interview.”

The girl grinned and took a sip of the cappuccino, her smile getting brighter. “Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m ready to ace it. Have a great day!”

Raina watched as the girl left and her gaze returned to the snow that was swirling lazily about outside of the café’s windows. Not many were willing to venture out to get their afternoon caffeine fix in this kind of weather. But if Raina was able to give a stranger a confidence boost, then she supposed it wasn’t a totally bad day.

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How to Help an Author 

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Break Writer’s Block

Having trouble reaching your word count for the day? Here are some ways to beat that pesky writer’s block:

  • Go for a walk — a change of scenery can get those plot points moving
  • Turn up the music — the music can stir up ideas for new scenes
  • Turn off the music — take a deep breath, relax, and empty your mind in the quiet
  • Read a good book — great writing can spark your own writing
  • Read a bad book — then go and rewrite it into something better
  • Switch writing styles — try longhand if you’re used to typing, or vice versa
  • Coffee — stay awake and write with new-found energy
  • Doodle — sometimes we just need a different outlet for our creativity, whether it’s drawing, dancing, or singing
  • Switch P.O.Vs — try writing in the point of view of another character
  • In the Middle — start writing in the middle of a scene rather than writing in a linear style
  • Write anything — even if it’s, “I don’t know what to write.”

How do you get rid of writer’s block?


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This time around, the Twitter hashtag I’ve been exploring is #WritersLife, describing random happenings and quotes that have to do with living the life of a writer. Some of my favorites include:

  • “Short break in my writing. Personal hygiene to attend to.”
  • “(The dog), on the other hand, says, ‘Mom, why are you typing when you can pet me?'”
  • “Yah I get to binge watch How to Get Away with Murder because I’m a writer and you know… Research.”
  • “Ok. So I’m going to get some work done. I mean it this time. I really do. Honest. Ooh look, shiny thing!”
  • “The risk of pissing off a writer is that you may find all your personal problems and misdeeds immortalized in fiction.”
  • “I’m still not happy with that paragraph.”
  • “Planning, plotting and scheming + working on a new blog + lots of coffee”
  • “That moment when you’re wide awake in the middle of the night because you drank too much coffee during the day.”
  • “I just spent 3 hours working on a guest post and am thinking of scrapping it and starting over from a different angle.”
  • “People ask the inspiration for my writing, and I say I sit down and the story shows up. It sounds like magic. And it kinda is.”

How are you living a “writer’s life?”


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