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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter! Here’s a pic of our pup, freshly groomed for the holiday!

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“Have a Prompt!” Saturday #67


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Days Off

Yay, it’s Friday! This weekend is booked with family birthday parties, which is fine and dandy. It should all be a good time.

Of course, busy weekends mean the time will fly by and we’ll soon be back at work on Monday. However, this week I’m a bit excited due to the fact that I took off a couple of vacation days. Our pup is getting a small surgery for her teeth on Wednesday, so I just took off the rest of the week.

The best part is that it’ll be the beginning of NaNo, so I’m hoping to get a good head start on my word count for this year (that, and I’ll have the house to myself for a couple of days, so that’ll be awesome!).

Besides NaNo, there’s tons of other things I want to do, like a bit more reading, going through my clothes, and some cleaning with only the cat and dog as company. We’ll see what happens, haha!


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Chip, Chase, and Characters

Did Rachel and I tell you guys that we got a cat?


His name is Chase. His name should be Spidercat. He’s both very curious and very nervous, not to mention bonkers, but I suppose that’s on par for only being 10 months. One of his favorite activities is running back and forth between the upstairs bedroom and den as if someone is chasing him (and, no, we named him before he started doing this). Considering that Chip sometimes likes to chase him, his imagination may not be that far off.

He’s not a bad kitty at all, and he’s still getting used to all of us. Our late cat, Hunter, had adopted us when he was an adult, knew what he was doing, and just wanted some humans to love and be loved in return (not to mention food). Chase is starting to warm up to us, especially Rachel, whom he’s spent the most time with, but he’s not much of a cuddle-bug yet. He likes to hide in the room we’re in and, if we leave, meow pitifully until we come back or start talking to him.

He doesn’t want to be alone, but he doesn’t want to be around people. Much like Rachel and me sometimes, haha!

If he were a book character, I wonder who he’d be like… He kind of reminds me of Neville Longbottom (started off timid but getting braver) from Harry Potter or maybe Bilbo from the Hobbit (wants to see what’s out there but enjoys the comfort of familiarity). Chip would be Ginny Weasley (doesn’t back down from a fight and doesn’t mind protecting what’s hers) or Galadriel (a queen in her own right).

Anyone else out there have pets that remind them of some of their favorite book characters?


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I’m very sleepy.

For the past few nights my 8 pound dog has been sleeping in my bed, and she takes up more room than you’d imagine. Couple that with the few times she tries to play in the middle of the night, and you may understand that I’m not getting as much sleep as usual.

Besides that, I’m having more of a social life this week than I’ve had in a while. After work, I have about an hour at home before dashing out again. Don’t get me wrong, the company has always been fantastic, but…

I’m behind on my NaNoWriMo word count. It’s trivial compared to, say, seeing people and my day job that pays the bills, but I’m getting anxious from not writing.

Have any of you gotten like that? Feeling down or grumpy because you haven’t been able to put the pen on paper in a while?

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No Book Review

So, uh, I didn’t quite finish my book in time to write a review…

But here’s a picture of my dog in her hoodie against the cold weather!



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Short Story Sunday – “Queue”


The cackling flames in the fireplace did little to mask the noise of the thunderstorm outside. She kept her eyes focused on the fire, wishing she could go closer to the fireplace and warm herself up. However, she couldn’t risk losing her place in the queue, and it was a long line behind her. She didn’t fancy the idea of rejoining it.

For a moment, she almost wished she had been brought to Hell. At least there it would theoretically be warmer than waiting in purgatory for her soul’s new assignment.

She hummed for a moment while waiting, the queue moving slowly but steadily, and she listened in amusement and wonder at the other souls getting their new tasks. That spirit seemed confused at his assignment, muttering about how he had gone from Italian painter to French chef. The next soul nearly flew out of purgatory at high speed, eager to climb the ladders of a large business corporation in her next life.  There, someone was to be an acrobat in a circus, but will need to make a pivotal choice when he reaches his twenties, one that will alter which way his next life would end.

At last, it was her turn, and she greeted the guard of purgatory with a polite smile. She placed her hands in its, and allowed the cleansing sensation to wash through her spirit. She got images of grass and bright sunshine and cozy fur and sharp smells and…

Four feet?

She stared in stupefaction at the purgatory guard, which provided no answers to her. Instead, it pointed a sallow hand up toward the ceiling where an image of the earth was spinning leisurely. She obeyed, her thoughts reeling with what she had felt in her cleansing, and had little choice but to see what her next life awaited her.

With her eyes closed, she floated up toward the spinning earth, allowing her spirit to be whisked away in the winds that made it turn. The breezes would drop her precisely where she was meant to be, and she was sucked into the body that would house her spirit for however many years she was to remain on the earth this time.

She awoke to a world that was dark, and she squirmed, following her senses to a warm body that held the delicious scent of milk. Somewhere in the back of her mind, her spirit’s last remembrance of purgatory was recalling the disbelief that she was to spend her next life as a dog.

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