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By the Seat of My Pants

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via Pinterest

Lately on Rachel’s blog, she’s been doing articles and essays about outlining and planning her novels. Her latest method is using colorful index cards to summarize plot points, scenes, characters, all those fun things that go into novels, and it works for her.

My planning process? Maybe I’ll free-write in a notebook all the questions and ideas that come with the novel currently brewing in my mind, but that’s usually the extent of my “planning.” Usually I plan as I write, and it is not uncommon for half of my drafts to feature random notes in brackets smack in the middle of scenes. Most of those notes have to do with questions like, “Wait, why are my characters doing this? What is the point of this? What in the name of all that is holy is going on?!”

My notes tend to be tedious ramblings to help me figure out what road my plot was going down and when it decided to veer off of that path. In a way, they resemble the “chapter summary” way to outline that Rachel detailed in her Outlining: Tips and Ideas post.

Have I tried to plan out more details of my novel before writing? Yes, a couple of times, but they didn’t work for me. I generally have a loose idea as to where and how the story is going to go, and then I just start writing. I love it when I’m writing a scene and one of my characters does that something that is surprising and brilliant (and, once in a while, stupid), or when my subconscious had foreshadowed an important plot point 50 pages ago without me knowing it. I don’t think you can get that same feeling, not the exact same, with planning. You can always take a detour from your plans and outlines, of course, and those with planned novels probably get more of them written faster than us “pantsers” (please note that the only statistic regarding that last statement is Rachel versus me).

I’ve found that, with my few drafts that I have, it’s easier to see what the novel is about and where it’s going after the draft is done. Then I can “plan” what should and shouldn’t happen, also known as the editing process to me.

To me, writing is exactly like the quote at the top of this post. I may not have the best sense of direction, especially while driving, but eventually I’ll get to where I need to be.

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Writing Magic

Doyle: “This magic may sound useful to you now, but will you be able to live with it for the rest of your life?”

Current Camp NaNo Word Count: 3259/25000

It’s Camp NaNoWriMo time! Three days ago, to be exact, but it’s never too late to join in if you wish to. As with my previous (and failed) attempt at Camp, my word goal is 25,000. I’m actually a day ahead right now with my goal, and I am determined to win this month! No, seriously. It’s on my To-Do List.

The quote at the top of the page comes from today’s session and is from my novel tentatively titled “Bloodwork.” (It’s actually it’s third tentative title. First it was “Dual Swords” then “Dark Alchemy.”) This story’s first draft, I want to say, is coming close to being done and I am wicked excited about it. It will be my first actually completed novel! There’s tons of editing and changes I want to do, considering all the random notes I collect about the story when not actively writing it, but even the idea of editing it is exciting because of all the changes I want to add and delete.

What Doyle is saying, though, actually reminds me of a person’s choice need to become a writer. It’s absolute magic to be able to express oneself with words, to craft a story, an adventure, an entire world, through a book. Take me away through a forest, through the clouds, through a cave filled with glittering crystals and the imaginative creatures who feed on them. Make me fall in love with a hero or a rogue, make me feel sympathy for the villain and the minions. Writing is an addictive magic, an addiction I’m not willing to break.

However, can I live with it for the rest of my life? Am I brave enough to wade through the waters of rejection in order to surf on that one perfect wave of acceptance? Am I tough enough to endure editors and publishers? Do I want to be that brave, that tough? Or will I be content to work my day job, a job that I love to pieces, and just writing on the side?

I allowed myself to pause and mull over what I want in the future. I want dogs, that much I’m sure. My own apartment, maybe even a small house so said dogs have a decent yard to play in. I want a room dedicated to my computer, my books (read and, hey, maybe even written), a place for me to relax and work undisturbed. I wouldn’t mind being part-time at my day job, not at all, but I do not want to be there forever. I want bigger things for my future.

I am a writer, and I want need to live as one for the rest of my life.

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