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Excellent Ideas, But…


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NaNo 2016 – You Ready?


Who’s ready for next month’s NaNoWriMo? Not me!

Well, that’s not the whole truth. I do have a decent idea and a handful of mostly-nameless characters (who, judging by the way they’re rattling around in my head, seem like a fun bunch) in mind for this year’s NaNo.

I love the abandon of NaNoWriMo and the tradition of starting a brand new novel during the month. I have so many unfinished drafts on my hard drive, though, that I do feel a touch guilty.

Despite all that, though, I am excited for November!¬†We’ll see how this gang of new characters and this inkling of a story turns out next month!


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How many unfinished story ideas do you have on your computer (or in your notebooks)?

I have too many. They’re about magic and wizards and gamers and superheroes and just-moved-here neighbors and thieves and kings and halflings and wolves and what-the-hell-am-I-doing people. Universes are continuously building themselves in my brain, so much so that I can’t remember what is going on in the real world sometimes.

(Of course, I’m sure everyone experiences that kind of feeling at one point or another no matter what you do for living, be it writer, heart surgeon, parent, or dancing bear.)

Rachel and I had made a pact to work for an hour a day on our current W.I.P. and I… have been failing miserably. I’ve been doing better in trying to get my life in order, such as meeting with a financial adviser to figure out money stuff and making an appointment with a personal trainer at my gym to figure out exercise stuff. I have a good job that, while it may eat up the majority of my day, will definitely benefit me in the future. Squeezing in that hour for working on what I want just makes me tired, and I find it sad.

I was never a fan of “growing up,” in all honesty. For example, fairly recently, Rachel and I splurged and made Raphael and Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dolls for ourselves are our local Build-A-Bear. Still, being in my mid-twenties, my life plan includes getting a hold of my finances and being sure my body is fit enough (especially with my desk job) to be healthy. My long-term goals definitely include writing, and I know I will continue to chip away at that.

Nothing’s going to happen overnight — my plan for my finances, falling into a gym routine, finishing those half-stories on my hard drive — but I’m working on it all. In order for my long-term goals to come to fruition, I need to plant those seeds. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but I’ll do what I can.


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Too Many Tabs Open

My writing brain is like a web browser with too many tabs open.

One of them tends to play some song that will inevitably get stuck in my head and I can’t figure out which tab it is…!

Rachel and I had made a pact to have the next draft of one of our manuscripts ready for the other to read through by October first. So far, we’ve been failing at that.

We did really well during the first week (at least half of it, anyway), working on our drafts for an hour each day, but then Rachel’s day job started up again and I’m driving our younger cousins in the morning to school (I don’t wake up that easily… I used to, but not anymore), and the draft just dissipated from our schedules.

I was really going to buckle down and try to get a move on with this novel, but then my brain was like, “HEY, what about this idea about modern magic instead? You should type it up and send it to the next writer’s group meeting! Or what about this one about dragons…?”

My writing projects are so sporadic.

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You Know You’re a Writer…

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Camp is Tomorrow

Well, crap. Tomorrow is July 1st, the first day of another Camp NaNoWriMo session. Do you know what you are writing yet?

As per usual, I don’t.

I got awesome responses on my Random Ideas post last week, but I don’t believe I’m in the right mindset to write either of those. I may continue on with the little story I’ve been posting for Sunday Scribbles. Those characters are starting to feel at home in my head.

What are going to write?


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Random Ideas

July’s Camp NaNo is right around the corner. As per usual, I’m not sure what I’m writing. I’m going for 50k words again, especially since I did so well during the last camp session. I may just add words to a couple of works-in-progress, but I also have some other ideas buzzing around in my head:

BlackbirdCatching a fairy is no easy task, but Nina and Jay were able to do just that. Rather, Nina caught the fairy. Jay had wanted no part of it. Fairies were tricky beings, always pulling pranks with their magic. Yet, if you were lucky enough to catch one, that fairy would owe you a wish. Be careful what you wish for, though. Fairies were known for finding loopholes. If you didn’t word the wish just right, then who knows what would happen with the fairy’s magic.

Such as when Nina wanted to wish for stronger wings to keep up with the rest of the Cloudrunners. Instead of focusing on her stunted wing growth, she asked to be more like a bird. Fairies are quite literal when they grant wishes…

Shooting StarsAccording to legend, shooting stars were symbols of wishes being granted. That was where Shooting Stars, an organization that granted the wishes of sick or injured children, got its name. One of the more common wishes that a child asks for is to meet his or her favorite superhero. Considering their jobs, superheroes were kind enough to be available to grant the wishes (the good press didn’t hurt either).

But what happens when a child wishes to meet a villain…? Who gets tasked with finding said villain, to persuade him or her to meet a child without going all evil? Not many people are up to the task, but the new Shooting Stars volunteer just might be…

Maybe one day they’ll get written too.


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