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Keeping the Excitement

As some of you may know, I started writing when I tried my hand at The Legend of Zelda fanfiction over ten years ago. While that original story was atrocious, there was a second Legend of Zelda fanfiction that I had started writing based off of the Four Swords Adventures game for the GameCube.

It was more humorous than anything else, with characters loosely based on myself, Rachel, and our elder sister Lisa joining the main character Link on his adventure. It was fairly popular, actually, until I stopped uploading it back in 2009.

That particular story is still saved on my computer and DropBox, and I was going through it on my DropBox app on my phone last night while waiting at the hairdresser’s place for Rachel to finish getting her hair trimmed. The first few chapters were awful, making me cringe, but the last couple showed a great improvement. I’m better now than I was then, but it was nice to go back and see a marked difference in my writing.

It’s little boosts like that that keep me excited to write.

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First Stories

Do you remember the first story you ever tried writing?

Many of us were probably young kids, maybe young enough to not know how to spell the majority of words in our native languages correctly, when we started to write. Our stories would be a page or two long, projects unfinished and forgotten when our attention spans latched onto something else that was shinier.

But what was the first story that you had consciously tried to finish?

Mine was fanfiction, which most of us probably started out writing. Seriously, who wouldn’t love to write a story for a universe or fandom to be sure that the story never ended? I started off with Legend of Zelda fanfiction. Being an avid gamer and wanting to explore more of that world and of my favorite characters who are not in every installment of that game series prompted me to try my hand at writing my own storyline.

I still have the notebook it was written in. The writing is horrendous. A silver lining regarding how bad it was is that I’ve greatly improved since then!

What about you? What had prompted you to start writing in the first place?


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Background Music

I don’t know about you all, but my mind wanders. Like, a lot. I wouldn’t say I have ADD, but my sister has said that more than once. It’s pretty simple for my thoughts to go on long-winded detours before finding their way back to the main path with twigs and leaves in their hair and clothes.

It is no less true when I’m writing. In an attempt to keep my thoughts on my writing, I enjoy listening to music. Generally, instrumental music is best for me, especially soundtracks from movies or video games, or originals from talented groups such as The Piano Guys or Two Steps from Hell. However, I have stalled taken the time to create “soundtracks” to my novels with lyrical songs if I need a break from writing. It’s pretty fun and the music definitely gets me pumped to keep going with the book or with writing certain scenes.

Think of how music and sound set the tone to movies and television shows. Action scenes wouldn’t be as exciting without the quick tempo of drums or guitars, nor would romance scenes have such impact without the gentle timbre of violins or pianos. Think of the “Paranormal Activity” movie and how the absence of background tracks heighten the fear of the horror movie (all the better to hear your rapidly pounding heart).

What about video games? Remember when the music would just go all quiet and you’d realize that, “Gee, there are a lot of healing items and extra weapons in this room,” that signaled the dungeon boss right around the corner? Or the cheery, “You can do it!” medley of bells and trumpets of mini-games?

To me, writing isn’t very different. I enjoy having the background music to help get my mind on track with the scenes in my story. Generally I have various playlists or soundtracks playing in the background that let my mind churn out different ideas and directions for the story to go, and I always get anxious and excited to write out those scenes.

What about the lot of you? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? Or does music hinder your writing process?

On that note (pun most certainly intended), I’ll leave you with one of my favorite instrumental tracks. Here is a beautiful cover of the Song of Time and the Song of Storms from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series, performed by the violinist Taylor Davis:

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