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Our Human’s Manuscript


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Give and Take: Feedback


Where do you generally get your writing feedback from?

Are you part of Wattpad, Fictionpress, Archive of Our Own, or another writing website? Perhaps you found some other like-minded writers here on WordPress, or another social media site like Tumblr or Twitter, to swap stories.

I’m lucky that I have Rachel, my sister, as a partner in this writing adventure and creative pursuits. We’ve recently swapped manuscripts, and we’re preparing to give each other feedback regarding them.

It can be a little difficult to give and receive feedback. Obviously you don’t want to have anyone’s feelings be hurt, but strong critique and the ability to take it gracefully are the best ways to help you improve your art in the long run.

Do you have any special place to get feedback? Any tips on giving and receiving feedback to share?


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How to Write



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Today’s Twitter hashtag is #MSWL, which stands for manuscript wish list and is dominated by agents and publishers. It’s definitely an interesting hashtag to read through, especially if you are stuck for ideas on what to write. Some that really caught my eye¬†are:

  • “Why are most contemporary fantasies in cities? Is suburban fantasy a thing? Oh! What about rural fantasy?”
  • “Also on my list: vintage technology. Give me a story (fiction or non) about something like the telegraph, the beginning of TV, etc.”
  • “Would love a cozy mystery series featuring a pair of female house cleaners.Castle meets Merry Maids.By-the-book cop boyfriend a plus!”
  • “In the mood to read a YA about REVENGE. And COUNTRY MUSIC. (this tweet brought to you by me being sick+listening to Carrie Underwood)”
  • “Would love to see more romantic heroes who are manly/macho, but have typically feminine jobs (ex: florist, barista, librarian, etc) …¬†Seriously though. If anyone has a romance ms with a hero who is a tatted up florist or somewhat equivalent I will read it ASAP”

And my personal favorite:

  • “Wait, so is Manuscript Wish List? Three words, four letters… Manu Script? Aren’t these word people?”

What’s on your reading wishlist? What would you want queried to you if you were an agent?


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