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Nailed It!

Netflix has this show called “Nailed It,” where amateur bakers compete to see who can create the most passable baked goods. Elaborate cupcakes, cakes, gingerbread houses, and even watermelon carvings are what the contestants try to recreate. The cast and crew are great, and it’s evident that this is a show that has fun and sometimes doesn’t take itself very seriously. There’s only two seasons so far and I’m definitely hoping there will be more.

Obviously, the challenges are timed and you can tell that some of the most complex desserts would never be able to be done in the time frame that’s allowed. Of course, that’s part of the challenge, to see how the contestants do with managing their time between decorating and baking something that’s edible. They’re not going to be on par with the professional creations but, dammit, these contestants try.

The whole premise of the show — aside from trying to win 10k with edible, semi-pretty cakes — is to learn. The judges critique not only the taste of the desserts, but they also instruct and help the contestants figure out where they went wrong and give tips on how they can improve.

My favorite episodes are where you can clearly see the contestants take the advice to heart after the first round and apply what they learned to the second round. With that said, the challenges give the constants room to add their own touches to their cakes. They are beginner bakers, not pros, and they need to improvise and put their own spin on the cakes in the time they have.

Being another creative pursuit, it’s a lot like writing.

You do not improve before making some mistakes. You first draft is not going to be at the same level as a professional. More experienced writers can and should give you well-meaning advice, but never forget that your writing is your own. Like baking, you need to put your own style, your own flair, into your work.

And, yeah, maybe your work won’t be the prettiest. Maybe it won’t be to everyone’s taste. But that work is yours. Be proud of what you have created in the time you created it, because you created something out of nothing and that is a fantastic feat to be proud of.


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It’s the Little Things

This past weekend one of my co-workers was in a wedding. She showed us some pictures and we admired her dress for a few moments before she stated, “It had pockets.”

The knowledge that the dress had pockets just made it ten times better.

I’m not a dress kind of girl. Pretty sure the only dresses that are in my closet are from a couple of weddings when I was a bridesmaid myself and maybe my senior prom dress from ten years ago. But hearing that a dress has pockets makes me so incredibly happy, as it does for most of the women around me. Pockets! You don’t have to lug around a pocketbook!

It’s something small and silly but, hey, women love pockets. Dunno why the folks who design our jeans haven’t realized that yet.

With that said, I’ve been kind of feeling like I’m in a rut lately. Nothing too bad, but with the changing schedules that tend to come when summer ends, I just feel like everything is all over the place. I need to recharge and just take a deep breath, and think of the little things that make me happy, aside from dress pockets:

  • Sleeping in my own bed after being away for a couple of nights
  • Walking barefoot in the grass or sand
  • Snowfall
  • Being greeted by my pup when I first walk in the door
  • Even being greeted by the cat — he’s a bit more aloof, but he tends to come into the room after I come into the house to give me a little greeting
  • Seeing how happy the turtle can be when she’s exploring out of her tank
  • Watching all the baby fish that have “appeared” in my sister’s tank these past couple of months
  • Animals in general, really
  • Chocolate
  • Writing something I’m really proud of
  • Likewise, rereading old works and pieces and still being happy about them
  • The crinkling sound of written notebook pages
  • Having that one pen that glides so smoothly across the page
  • Video games
  • Green tea
  • Thunderstorms, especially when I’m staying at home for the day
  • Laughing until my stomach hurts
  • Pajama days

I’m thankful I can keep going with my little list, and I hope you can enjoy making a list of the little things that make you happy as well.


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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Something that I was lucky enough to get in my Easter basket was the DVD of an old movie that I used to love catching on television when I was a kid: Cats Don’t Dance.

It’s this cute animated movie about a cat, and his other animal friends, who want to make it big in Hollywood. However, the people of Hollywood only give cats scripts with the line, “Meow,” on it. Therefore, the animals will just have to change the minds of the people of Hollywood and show them just how much talent and hard-work these animals really have. It’s all about following your dreams and never giving up. A bit cliche, yes, but sweet and totally relevant to anyone trying to make it big, especially in his or her creative pursuits.

Back as a kid, I never really understood the main meaning. I just thought it was a fun movie about singing and dancing animals. Now, though, it totally resonates with me. The last song, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us, was one of my favorite parts of the entire movie. While it’s not as big as I remember, it still invokes that sense of nostalgia and the meaning is right there.

Remember to always remain positive and to keep heading towards your goals, no matter what the naysayers say!


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Writer Positivity


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