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Camp Coming to a Close

Camp NaNoWriMo is coming to a close for me at the end of this week. If you’re still doing it, you still have another week to catch up with your word counts, so keep going!

I’m at about 45000 words right now, so only 5k more to go for my 50k goal. My project is a hodge-podge of scenes and chapters of old and new ideas alike. I’ve been having fun either way, so I’m counting all of this as a win.


I’m hoping everyone else is just as pleased with their progress on their latest creative projects!

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Slumping Through

The second week of Camp NaNo is almost over… How are all of you doing with your projects?

I’m pretty much slumping through, keeping up with my word count at least, but not whizzing through my writing as I’ve done on the past few NaNo months. It may be due to the fact that I don’t have a solitary project to focus on. This month, I’m just adding words to random unfinished stories or just doing little one-shots. Usually I start off with a new project in the spirit of NaNo and, occasionally, take small breaks from it by doing the occasional one-shot before going back to the new project.

I do my best to stay motivated with some favorite music playing while writing or rereading old pieces that I had fun creating. What about you? What do you do to stay motivated through slower writing days?

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10K Day

NaNoWriMo is going awesome for me this year! This past Saturday I was able to write 10,000 words, and it was amazing! I have never written that much in a day in my life and it was magical.

With that boost, I’m definitely on track for reaching 50k by Thanksgiving, after which I will reward myself with good food, good times with the family, and a brand new video game for the holiday weekend.

Not only that, though, I’m at 44k at the time of this writing and I’m realizing that not all of the main characters have been introduced yet. I’m enjoying the narrative that I have so far, but this story is far from over which usually isn’t the norm for my new NaNo projects.

Generally, I reach 50k with a “completed” story. The stories are nowhere finished, but the first draft is completed enough so I have some semblance of a beginning, a middle, and an end. Being a pantser, my first draft is usually my kind of outline.

This thing, though? The one that I’ve been calling “Glory” this whole time? I have no idea how much longer it’s going to be.

That’s one of the best parts of writing, I suppose. The roads are long, but the detours and destinations are the best surprises.

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Sunday Scribble – “Glory Part 3”

Glory Part 3
Still the NaNo project, so it’s unedited. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Wylie, with all his practice and sharp eyesight as an archer, led the group through the base. It stank of mold, mildew and rotten meat, with dust littering the surfaces except for the several sets of footprints dashing madly in every direction. Ephraim was but a step behind Wylie and Lia took up the rear with her stronger armor and skills. Finn stayed in the middle of the group, although he bumped into Ephraim several times as the group explored the first floor.

“There’s nothing of use around here,” Wylie whispered when they had circled around into what must have been the common area. “Let’s try the next floor. Does anyone remember where the stairs were?”

“Weren’t they beyond the kitchen?” Lia asked. “I believe I saw some by the stove.”

With Lia’s direction, they found the stairs and attempted to climb them quietly. However, some of the wood creaked beneath their steps and Finn accidentally knocked the end of his staff against the steps more than once.

He should have stayed behind,” Wylie hissed when they reached the second floor.

“Believe me, I’ve thought that myself plenty of times,” Finn retorted. “I’m not doing any of this on purpose.”

“Both of you, be quiet.” Lia stepped in front of Finn, obscuring the healer from view. “Let’s see if Wylie’s friend is here and get out.”

“I don’t see anyone,” Finn’s voice said from behind the knight. “Can we leave now?”

“We haven’t seen anyone,” Ephraim said, not bothering to speak in a whisper, despite Wylie trying to shush him. “Come on, we can probably just go to the top of the base. That’s where we heard the last of the shrieking, right—”

A shadow fell over the wall beyond Ephraim. He turned, sword raised, just as Lia shouted his name.

His blade clanged with the large man’s, but Ephraim didn’t need to put too much pressure on his defense stance. A dagger came around the man’s throat and neatly sliced it through.

“A sword to the back?” an unruffled voice asked as the dead man slipped to the floor. “I suppose there’s no honor code among these spineless men.”

Ephraim’s vision was suddenly filled with Lia and Finn as he was pushed behind them. “You’ve the looks of a thief yourself,” Finn said to the dagger’s owner. “What kind of honor code do you follow?”

“My own,” was the smooth reply as he cleaned his dagger of the dead bandit’s blood. The man stepped closer to the group, his height allowing Ephraim to see him over Finn’s shoulder, but not Lia’s. The thief’s dark eyes scrutinized the group, his limbs lithe and silent as he circled them in curiosity.

“Put that down,” the thief said, scoffing at Wylie for readying an arrow against him. “You’d all be bleeding through your throats by now if I had wanted you dead.”

“That a challenge?” Lia asked, her tone mild, her stance aggressive.

“You’d probably be the only one to provide that, m’lady,” the thief said, tipping his hat to her. “What are you all doing in here?”

“We heard shrieks coming from the outside,” Ephraim said after the other three had turned to him to answer. “We came to investigate. What is your business?”

“My partner also came here to investigate this base,” the thief said, “although not for the same noble reason as you. When she didn’t return in her usual timeframe, I came after her.”

“If it makes you feel any better,” Ephraim said, “the shrieks we heard hadn’t sounded female.”

The thief grinned like a wolf. “Oh, I’m not worried about her getting hurt at all, but I thank you for the concern, Your Highness.”

Ephraim tried to ignore the thief’s unsettling smile and instead focused on the unsettling fact that the thief knew who he was. “How…?”

“Your stances, the grips your knight and yourself have on your swords,” the thief said easily. “You developed them from long days of practice with a tutor experienced in a structured army. Your healer has one of the best crafted staves I’ve ever come across, which means money from nobility. Both the healer and the knight had turned to you to respond to my questions, so I presumed you were the highest ranked.” He paused, letting all that sink in Ephraim’s head before casually adding, “That, and the insignia for the Tavalon Kingdom is etched on your sword’s sheath. If incognito was what you were going for, Your Highness, you sorely missed.”

Ephraim ignored the burning sensation of his neck and ears flushing, and it didn’t help when Wylie piped up with, “They are a bit ridiculous, aren’t they?”

“You are the only one I couldn’t quite figure out,” the thief said to the archer. “With your mismatched clothes and common bow, how did you get mixed up with them?”

“Put simply, they followed me,” Wylie said with a shrug.

“You heard the shrieks first?”


“While this conversation is utterly fascinating,” Finn interrupted, “may I remind you all we’re having it in an old and dim base? Can we either keep moving or get the hell out of here—”

There was a shout from above and the ceiling rattled when something collided with the eastern walls of the base.

Once everything was still again, Finn said, “I vote we get the hell out.”

“I’m guessing that came from two floors above,” the thief said with a casual glance at the ceiling. With a gesture toward the stairs, he asked, “Shall we?”

“Wait, now you’re coming?” Finn asked.

“I was here before you,” the thief said. “If we’re all heading in the same direction, may as well stick together, yes?”

Another base-rattling collision spurred Ephraim toward the stairs. “Fine, then, introductions will happen later!”

He vaguely heard the thief said, “Very well,” from somewhere behind him before the sounds of following footsteps reached his ears.

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Does taking a break from your new NaNo novel to type out little one-shots counts as being a “NaNo Rebel?”

This is apparently the way my brain works. I’ve been doing really well getting words down for my NaNo project, but this morning when I opened up the document, I started just typing out a little blurb of something else (in closed brackets, of course, so it wouldn’t get mixed up with the other novel). It refreshed my mind and gave me a break from the novel all while contributing to my word count.

Obviously, I’ll go back to my NaNo novel, but that little blurb reminded me that it was okay to not write out stories in a linear fashion. Getting a little bored with the current scene you’re working on? Skip a line and start writing another scene. Not too sure which direction your current scene should go? Write both and see which one works best. Maybe your current scene, while needed, is a bit stale? Rewrite it in someone else’s point of view for a fresh perspective.

While writing, detours are all well and good, sometimes even awesome as they may yield new information or directions for your story.

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Word Cushions

My word count cushion is starting to run low.

I’m still a little ahead, about a day’s word count, actually, but this past weekend had been excellent for my writing and it’s a little sad to see my daily word count slow down. If I didn’t have a silly thing called a “day job,” my word count chart would be fantastic!

I’m sure every writer, artist, hobbyist, what-have-you says something to that effect. There’s always something in the way of our creative pursuits, but how we work around those blocks (like day jobs that pay the bills) is how we get better at this game called life. They teach us about time management and deadlines, they show us what exactly we want out of these hobbies when the pressure starts to get to us, they help us prove just what lengths we’re willing to go to wrestle life into the shape we want.

So, yeah, my word count cushion is getting a little low, but I’m still planning on reaching 50k by Thanksgiving as opposed to the 30th. I’ve got about a week left. Let’s see what happens.

The best of luck to everyone else out there working on a project!

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Of Characters Creating Themselves

NaNo is still going pretty well for me. My characters are tons of fun, even if they haven’t turned out exactly as I had thought they would…

The prince and leader of this particular story is definitely more naive than I had originally imagined. I’m sure he’ll smarten up a bit while being out in the world on their journey. The healer is pessimistic and can be snarky, like I had predicted, but he’s also much more timid than I would have pegged him. Of course, the pessimism and bouts of cowardice lead to some deliciously sarcastic dialogue that’s so much fun to write! Then there’s the knight, who decided that she’s female because we needed more chicks in the story, which is fine with me, and she’s probably the most competent one of the three of them when she was planned to be a bit spacey.

There are others who are popping up and they’re just… They’re all creating themselves and totally ignoring any sort of idea I had for them, and it’s fantastic! This ride is awesome and it actually seems like I have a plot forming, so, yay!

How is your NaNo (or latest writing project, if you have one) coming along?

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