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“Have a Prompt!” Saturday #121


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“Have a Prompt!” Saturday #120


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“Have a Prompt!” Saturday #119


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Alternative Soulmate Plots



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NaNo 2016 – Day Two

So, character names are appearing. That’s a good thing.

I have two scenes down and 3636 words, so I’m a couple of hundred words ahead for the daily word count. So, yay, off to a good start!

There’s a section of the NaNoWriMo forums that are dedicated to word wars, prompts, and sprints, anything to help you boost up your word count. There are plenty of threads that are dedicated to specialized Word Crawls, which encompasses all three types of writing challenges.

And they’re all archived on Wikiwrimo.

I thought I would share the link, since they’re great tools for just boosting one’s word count, even if it’s not for NaNo. I hope you find them helpful and fun!

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“Have a Prompt!” Saturday #2

Finish a scene, a snippet, a drabble, a novel, a what-have-you, with this pair of dialogue:

“I’m still in love you.”

“You really shouldn’t be…”

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(Non)Existant Social Life

Cormack: “How desperate are you for gold that you would take a prince hostage?”

Rachel and I went to our local Barnes and Noble again to write today. With Rachel’s school semester being over, it’s easier for us to go there usually about once a week. We make a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a breakfast of bagels and English muffin sandwiches, then get frappuccinos and smoothies at the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. We go so often, a few of the baristas know Rachel (who usually gets the drinks while I guard our table and laptops) by name.

I was all set to be productive today. I had my flash drive and laptop plugged in and ready to go, I had my packet of prompts and names, even notebooks and pens in case I felt the need to write long-hand or just scribble story notes. However, a friend Rachel and I hadn’t seen in a year or two saw Rachel’s Facebook status about our “writing date,” and he showed up to see us. Don’t get me wrong, it was great seeing him again, and us three had fun conversing and catching up with each others lives. Yet, Rachel only got perhaps 400 words written (when she can usually pull off a couple of thousand, at least) and I typed out only a sentence or two (one of which is the quote at the top of this post).

Our friend was not bothering us, far from it. It was a little awkward attempting to write, though, while also talking to him. We didn’t want to ignore him while typing, and we weren’t too keen on the idea of him trying to peek over our shoulders at what we were writing. In the middle of the conversation, Rachel and I just quietly shut down our laptops in order to continue being social.

I wonder how other writers feel about these types of situations. Is it annoying when friends show up and interrupt your writing time? Or does it signify that maybe you should have more of a social life? What about when others ask about what you’re writing when you’re trying to type away? Is it bothersome when someone attempts to read along as you write?

As a writer, I will work around, over, and underneath these types of obstacles, despite how awkward those situations can be, and I hope everyone else can do the same.

Happy blogging, everyone!

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