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Camp NaNo July 2017 Winner


I validated my Camp NaNo project about a week ago, having finally reached 50k on it that morning. It always feels like a great accomplishment to reach that word count goal, even if your project ended up being more like various scenes from old ideas and fanfiction that no one else will ever see.

Still, it’s always great practice and a fun way for me to relax. That kind of writing is more on par for me nowadays, with me just having fun rather than working on a longer novel. I still have novel ideas and would love to write them one day, perhaps enough so they’re publishable, but for now I’m good with just dabbling with writing. I would love to focus more on articles and journalism for topics I’m passionate about, like diversity in mediums and video games.

I hope everyone else is doing wonderfully with their creative projects!


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Excellent Ideas, But…


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Character Meme

One way I try to develop new characters is to stick them into new and different situations, even if the scene has nothing to do with their story. There are a few memes, if you will, for original characters like this flying around on DeviantArt, which is where I first saw something like this. I thought it would be fun to create my own and share it with others.

The rules are simple. Pick ten of your original characters (or favorite fictional characters, it matters not) to put into the following scenarios. Try not to read the scenarios beforehand!

Got your ten characters? Go!

  • Character four is the apprentice or newest coworker of character seven. How does it work out?
  • Characters one and nine are attempting to bake a cake together. Does the kitchen get destroyed in the process? Are they able to work well together?
  • Characters two and five are planning a surprise party for character ten. Is ten pleasantly surprised? Between two and five, who is more likely to spoil the surprise?
  • Congratulations — characters three and six are getting married! How does the wedding go?
  • Who would eight rather get stuck under the mistletoe with, ten or one?
  • Which pair of characters would work together the best at raising a puppy?
  • Characters eight, seven, and two are going on a road trip together! Will they survive?
  • Character four is tasked with babysitting triplets. Which other character does four turn to for help?
  • Character six is captain of a sports team. Which other character would one want on his/her/their team — three, five, or seven?
  • Who would character five rather be snowed in with, two or eight?

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Does taking a break from your new NaNo novel to type out little one-shots counts as being a “NaNo Rebel?”

This is apparently the way my brain works. I’ve been doing really well getting words down for my NaNo project, but this morning when I opened up the document, I started just typing out a little blurb of something else (in closed brackets, of course, so it wouldn’t get mixed up with the other novel). It refreshed my mind and gave me a break from the novel all while contributing to my word count.

Obviously, I’ll go back to my NaNo novel, but that little blurb reminded me that it was okay to not write out stories in a linear fashion. Getting a little bored with the current scene you’re working on? Skip a line and start writing another scene. Not too sure which direction your current scene should go? Write both and see which one works best. Maybe your current scene, while needed, is a bit stale? Rewrite it in someone else’s point of view for a fresh perspective.

While writing, detours are all well and good, sometimes even awesome as they may yield new information or directions for your story.

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Hello NaNo 2016

I have about 500 words at the moment for my newest project tentatively called “Glory.”

I still have some nameless characters hanging around, but the ones who are in the beginning of the story seem to be okay with their names, so that’s good. At least I’m not writing any placeholder names just yet (although, there was one story where I used Eddie as a placeholder name and it stuck and it was utterly perfect for the character who totally was bigger in the story than he was planned to be, so go figure).

On that note, though, I’m typing out the beginning, but I got scenes in my head for later in the story, and I want to skip around and write those, but not everyone has names or motivations yet, and I just… GAH.

Hello, NaNoWriMo. How nice to see you again.

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Writing Order

To fellow writers out there, in what order to you write your books?

Do you write from beginning to end? Write the end scene first? Go completely backwards?

Maybe you start off with the scenes you’re most excited to write. Maybe you get the scenes you are dreading over with first. Perhaps you write most of the dialogue, keeping the description bare-bones just to get the words and ideas out of your head. Perhaps you even do the opposite, detailing the world and your characters’ actions before giving much thought to what comes out of their mouths.

Or maybe you just slap down a sentence and keep going from there, just to see where your characters, plot, and you end up down the page.

I think one of my favorite aspects about writing is that there is no wrong way to go about it. Every book out there is a unique mixture of 26 letters, and there’s a plethora of ways to write them.


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July is Over…


Another month, another session of Camp NaNoWriMo is over. While July 2016 left in a blur, I did manage to crank out another 50k words on a couple of newer stories.

(In hindsight, I should probably use Camp NaNo sessions to add words to my work in progresses, but my brain doesn’t work that way.)

My Camp project mostly consisted of the story that I’ve been throwing up here in parts on Sundays, the one that started with Neighborhood. Is anyone getting sick of that story yet? It really only had a vague plot to go along with the character ideas. I didn’t finish the story quite yet, so I may go back to random Sunday Scribbles soon enough.

Other words that I counted were those that I hand-wrote in my notebooks. There’s nothing more satisfying and bittersweet for a writer than a notebook filled up with your own scribbles (even better when they’re from your favorite kind of pen!). There were definitely enough times where the amount of words from my little notebook scenes would be enough to cover a couple of days’ word counts at a time.

Near the end of Camp, I literally just wrote small, fanfiction-y kind of stories, with a few new tidbits that could grow into larger works. It’s funny how NaNoWriMo is “supposed” to be spent writing one brand-new manuscript. I tend to use these sessions to just write with no abandon and see what kind of plot bunnies pop out of my mind.

I think that’s what works best for me.

I hope everyone else did well! Even if you didn’t meet your word count goals, I hope you were able to get enough down to be satisfied with your projects!


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