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Writing Day Recipe

Prep time for this recipe is to clear one day of your calendar free of any social obligations.

Take your obligation-free day and add a light rainstorm to the weather, just enough to gray out the skies and emit a calming pitter-patter on the windows and roof.

Prepare your work station with the necessary ingredients. If you are going for the slow-cooked recipe, a blank notebook and a favorite pen with plenty of ink will do to add plenty of thoughtful flavor. A laptop and power cord generally yield faster results, with lots of bursts of creative flavor.

An accompanying side dish is a steaming mug of either coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Optional ingredients include fluffy kittens and sleepy puppies to help stay warm and cozy. Some people also find that soft music also enhances the flavor of the recipe.

Serving size is flexible enough to share with any fellow writers, although those who share a similar work ethic as yourself will most likely enjoy it best. Personal modifications to this recipe are encouraged to gain the maximum amount of writing done.

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Imaginary Friend


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Sunday Scribble – “Tea”


She stepped into the kitchen at quarter to one in the morning, her bare feet making light taps against the cool tile. Her work was yet to be finished. She figured one good cup of tea would help her in the last stretch before she would finally allow herself to go to bed.

Color her surprised when she realized that she wasn’t the only one still awake.

She paused next to the refrigerator, staring at his back curiously as he stared out the window at the night’s shadows. A half-finished bottle of beer was loosely held in his hand and, upon a quick glance at the kitchen sink where two empty bottles stood, she realized it had not been his first.

The corner of her lips twitched as she strode over to the cabinet and took out two mugs for tea. He turned to watch her at one point, most likely when the tap water was turned on to fill the kettle for boiling water. She continued her task, paying him no mind until the kettle began its soft whistle. She swooped the kettle off of the stove, poured the water into the mugs, and deftly plucked the beer bottle from his hands only to replace it with a cup of warm tea.

“I believe that’s enough for tonight,” she murmured, unceremoniously dumping the rest of the beer in the sink. She scrunched up her nose at the smell, fighting off a sneeze at the musk, before settling at the kitchen table with her own tea.

He blinked slowly, staring at the mug in his hand as if taking a moment to comprehend how it got there. Eventually he took a sip and quietly asked, “What kind is this?”

“A simple green tea,” she said. “It’s known for its calming effects. I hope it helps whatever is troubling your mind.”

It took him another half a moment to push off from the counter and sit across from her at the table. “Thank you,” he said. “What are you still doing up?”

“I have a bit more paperwork to push through,” she said. He frowned and she shrugged. “It won’t take me too much longer. I just needed to give my eyes a break.”

She didn’t ask about his reasons for being awake. Rather, she figured he would share if and when he wanted to.

The clock chimed one before he asked, “Did I do the right thing today?”

“You did what you believed to be best under the circumstances,” she said. “I would say yes. The others will see that in time, once they’ve been given time to think about it.”

“I truly hope I haven’t ruined what little trust we there was between all of us,” he said, tangling his hand in his hair.

“Everyone will pull through just fine,” she said. “Have faith.”

He took a shuddering deep breath before granting her a smile. “At least I have you, yes?”

She returned the smile, pretending that it was the heat of the tea that made her cheeks feel warm. “Of course.”

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Blizzard Incoming

For the past couple of days, all that’s been talked about is Winter Storm Stella and how it’s probably going to mess up us here in the northeast of the US. The majority of my family works in school systems, so excited talk about snow days was all I heard for a while. With me having an office job, it’s always touch-and-go depending on the weather conditions and if the governor declares a state of emergency or urges non-essential government workers to stay home.

Which he did.

My mother was laughing at how excited I was last night when I got word that my office would be closed. Waking up this morning, the weather doesn’t look too bad — rather, it seems that a pile of snow was just dumped onto our cars, but the road looks fine — and the commute to my work probably would have been easy enough. However, with the weather predicted to get worse as the day goes on, calling work off early is the smartest thing.

Looks like it’ll be a lovely reading and gaming day while snuggled with the pets and drinking tea! I hope everyone else is having a nice day and, if you’re getting snow like me, be safe and warm!

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“Would You Rather” Writer’s Edition

I follow many Tumblr blogs, most that have to do with writing, prompts, and Lord of the Rings. Often enough, some of the blogs will create a “Make Me Choose” or “Would You Rather” post, and I thought it would be fun to make up one of my own and tag a friend or two for their answers. Without further ado:

Would You Rather…

  • Drink Coffee or Tea: Tea!
  • Write a series in the same world or create a new world with every novel: Although I would love to be able to create a new world every time, I would probably stick close to the same world, lore, and set of characters more often than not.
  • Write a short story a week or one novel a year: Novels are wonderful, but I’m more apt to write short stories every week (trying to focus more on novels, though!).
  • Type or write longhand: Although typing is faster, I feel writing longhand and filling up notebooks is more satisfying.
  • Write play scripts or comic books: Comics!
  • Have more of an author presence on Twitter or Tumblr: Tumblr!
  • Use your real name or a pen name: Probably my real name. I don’t think it’s too bad. 🙂
  • Have your book become a movie or a television show: Movie, I think. It’d be amazing seeing it on the big screen!
  • Read your writing aloud to a roomful of loved ones or strangers: Strangers, haha! I value my loved ones opinions, but I wouldn’t be as self-conscious and I think I’d get more honest opinions from strangers.
  • Write in silence or with noise/music: Noise/music, preferably instrumental music.
  • Have an entire day of uninterrupted writing time or write in short bursts of time: Love the idea of an entire day, but my attention span is probably more suited to short bursts of time.
  • Be a main character in a romance novel or an action novel: Action!
  • Write about the past or the future: The future — spaceships, androids, mutants…
  • Be the lesser-known coauthor of a bestseller or the sole author of an average-selling book: Probably sole author (although I suppose it depends on who the coauthor is)
  • Meticulously plot out every aspect of your novel or just wing it: Wing it! Love the surprise aspect!

I’m going to tag Rachel, Herminia, and Skye to do this, if they’d like.

Anyone else can also do this or make up their own. Leave me a link or a comment if you decide to do it — I’d love to see other responses or questions!


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