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Dreary Days


The weather is a bit dreary around here, all gray skies and spitting rain and singing winds. It’s the perfect kind of weather to stay curled up in bed with a book or watching movies with a mug of a warm drink.

Rachel does a lot of work at home now, and I was so jealous seeing her sticking on one of the extended edition disks of The Lord of the Rings as I was leaving for work!

I’m actually looking forward to the cooler seasons, and the rain and wind from these past few days seem to be heralding them in. Heat and humidity are not my friends!


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Summer Reading


The weather is finally getting warmer. This week’s weather makes me think New England skipped spring and went straight into summer.
I’m not a summer girl. I prefer fall and winter, the cooler seasons giving me an excuse to stay cozy in an over-sized sweatshirt instead of sweltering in the summer heat. Spring isn’t too bad, when it happens to be here, but I could totally live without the allergies.
Ever take those online personality quizzes that tell you what season you are? Summer was always the bright, optimistic child while winter was the quiet, pensive individual. Many of them were no-brainers, allowing you to pick which answer corresponded with which result — if your favorite color was green or pink, you’d be heading toward spring.
If you had to describe your characters as a season, which ones would they be? Would you follow the more obvious routes, like a redhead being fall, or would you prefer to mix up the common traits of the season, like comparing the twinkle in your character’s eye to the sparkle of ice rather than sunlight?

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Blizzard Incoming

For the past couple of days, all that’s been talked about is Winter Storm Stella and how it’s probably going to mess up us here in the northeast of the US. The majority of my family works in school systems, so excited talk about snow days was all I heard for a while. With me having an office job, it’s always touch-and-go depending on the weather conditions and if the governor declares a state of emergency or urges non-essential government workers to stay home.

Which he did.

My mother was laughing at how excited I was last night when I got word that my office would be closed. Waking up this morning, the weather doesn’t look too bad — rather, it seems that a pile of snow was just dumped onto our cars, but the road looks fine — and the commute to my work probably would have been easy enough. However, with the weather predicted to get worse as the day goes on, calling work off early is the smartest thing.

Looks like it’ll be a lovely reading and gaming day while snuggled with the pets and drinking tea! I hope everyone else is having a nice day and, if you’re getting snow like me, be safe and warm!

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It’s a gray-sky kind of day, a day full of mist and rain. It’d be the perfect day to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a large book, and I’m so disappointed that I have to go to work.

The animals are too, actually. At the moment, the turtle is throwing a tantrum in her tank next to me because I’m not letting her out. I’d let her roam about the upstairs if I was going to be home all day. The pup is curled up in her bed by the heater and the cat is in his hammock by the slider door, all snoozing on this sleepy day.

I wonder what it’s like in their minds…

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Reading Weather

Hey, it’s the last day of August!

2016 is rushing right by us. Before we know it, it’ll be the Christmas season. Pretty sure stores already have Halloween decorations queued to be put on the shelves (if they’re not out already). Those of you who share the same seasons as me, are you all ready for autumn?

Considering I hate the heat and that this summer was brutal, I totally am. There’s nothing more relaxing than reading while bundled up with a blanket or comfy sweatshirt and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Bonus if the puppy or kitty curl up on your lap. Fall weather is probably my favorite reading weather.

Of course, reading is good at anytime of the year (on the patio in spring, on the beach in summer, by the Christmas tree in winter), but there’s something special about fall. With the changing leaves and chilly breezes, the world is starting to go to sleep for the cold seasons, and it just reminds me of a time of contemplation and change. A perfect time to create and renew goals.

This got a little philosophical, haha! I hope everyone is ready for the change in seasons!

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Stay By the A/C

Damn, it’s bloody hot out.

I attempted to read outside yesterday but I didn’t last too long. I had the dog with me and I didn’t want her to be outside that long either. We took a walk and she was panting before we were even halfway around the block.

With the temperatures rising, everyone please stay hydrated and take care, especially if you have some furry friends with you! Heatstroke is a dangerous enemy, and there have been reports of some dogs already suffering from the heat.

I do not like the heat. I hate swimming, I hate feeling sticky and humid and blah. Whenever we get the air conditioners in the windows, I love just blasting them (thankfully Rachel doesn’t mind so she can become a blanket burrito). Being chilly is more comfortable to me!

What about you? How are you more comfortable reading or writing?

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