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Writing Mindset

c3f26bc113fe997c78cb2264f9cd42751My post yesterday was generally about how inspiration and hard work go strolling down the road hand-in-hand. However, I’m the type of person who enjoys having a bit of background noise to keep my mind focused on my work.
(Perhaps inspiration should become synonymous with keeping your concentration when it comes to creative projects? It’s a thought.)
My Spotify is usually playing, either blasting through my laptop’s speakers or my Amazon Echo and making the windows shake. Generally my music is instrumental, violinists or movie and video game soundtracks. If I’m in the den, I don’t mind sticking on an old movie, something that I don’t have to pay much attention to. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is also a favorite, considering the amazing soundtrack is a bonus! Of course, Rachel and I are also YouTube geeks, and I have no problem having a few favorite playlists going all day while I write.
Rachel and I tend to spend Saturday mornings writing at our local Barnes and Noble and, considering we know most of the workers, we have no problem inquiring about the music that they play. Usually we approve of the store’s music taste, but there have definitely been times when the music was strange enough to throw me out of the writing mindset.
Isn’t it funny how something as mundane as background music can throw off your work groove? On the flip side, there was a particular Saturday where every song evoked the perfect emotions for Rachel as she was typing away scene after scene — and Rachel is the type to work just fine in silence.
How does everyone else keep their inspiration flowing and their concentration solid?

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Going After Inspiration

How does inspiration tend to hit you?
Do you have a certain playlist of music that you put on to get into the writing mindset? Perhaps you have several playlists saved for different scenes of your stories, to set certain types of mood. Maybe you’re the type who is able to stick on a favorite movie, letting the familiar lines serve as comfortable background noise as you type away. Or are you the type of writer who needs noise-cancelling headphones to work in complete silence?
Perhaps your inspiration is trained to turn on at a certain time or place. Six o’clock in the morning at the desk in the den. Ten PM on the sofa in the living room. Two thirty-six in the afternoon on your bed with your favorite pillow behind you and your laptop resting on your legs.
Or maybe it’s not the inspiration that allows you to write a blessedly easy two thousand words in a sitting… Perhaps it’s just you pushing through the imaginary writer’s block, saying to hell with waiting for so-called inspiration.
Does your hard work come from inspiration or does your inspiration come from hard work?



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Cutting Out

Have you ever been writing along on a story and realize that the passage you’re typing out will most likely not be in the final product?

NaNo seems ripe for passages like that, with its emphasis on quantity over quality to find some diamonds in the rough. There are also those passages that you write that seem brilliant, but may not fit in the final story.

There were definitely some parts of my NaNo tonight that would fit in that category. Obviously they’re all staying in the story until I go into the editing phase, but when that time comes, I’m not sure what’s going to happen, haha!

What about you? Do you have a separate document or page for certain passages that don’t make the final cut of a story?


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Writer’s Limbo

What are you working on right now?

I’m kind of just floating in Writer’s Limbo at the moment. There are definitely a few stories in my head (and hard drive) that deserve some attention, but this month has been a bit all over the place. Besides my day job, I’ve been quite busy on my weekends this month.

The first weekend was the bachelorette party for my best friend, who’s wedding is tomorrow. Last weekend we went and got ourselves a kitty. Next weekend is a mini trip with some family, which I’m probably going to be very sleepy on.

It’s all a grand old time, but it doesn’t allow one much time for working out writing schedules. I’ll figure something out for next month, perhaps after Rachel’s birthday, that will definitely include some hardcore writing sessions, editing, and gym trips (seriously, this desk job warrants the need to move more).

So, out of curiosity and to get my rear in gear, what are you all working on? Edits? Finishing up a first draft? Just chilling during the last few weeks of summer (for those of you who share the same seasons as me)?


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Chasing Freedom


During slow times at work, I tend to browse around on the Internet for a little while, sites like Yahoo with their news articles (and “so-called news” articles — seriously, some of the topics that they write about shouldn’t be newsworthy, like the cost of a celebrity’s leggings). Often enough, there will be articles showing off studies about millennials, how we think, how we work, what we want out of life, things like that.

Forgive me, but I wasn’t aware we millennials were a different species from the rest of humankind. Apparently we’re baffling enough to warrant these studies for the older generations (you know, the generations that raised us) of the world.

One of the major things I see regarding us millennials is how we’re different with the way we want to work and make our livelihoods. We’re not thrilled with the idea of 9 to 5 desk jobs. We want creative freedom in what we do. Yet, those 9 to 5 desk jobs are generally what pays the bills.

My job is a fantastic opportunity, one I’m not going to waste, but I’m not going to try to stop reaching towards the creative freedom I crave. I’ve been told that I’m set for life with my job, that with enough careful planning and saving I’ll be able to retire in just a few decades rather than six.

But I’m not my parents or grandparents. I’m not satisfied with a 9 to 5 desk job. Granted, they may not have been either, but back then their life goals may have been different than my generation’s. My generation is all gung-ho about chasing after our happiness, even if the money isn’t the best in our dreams. We’re the generation who is challenging the notion that you work just for money.

I’ve gotten amazing advice and support from my family, from the generations that came before me, and I will forever be grateful to them for it. Their advice will always be there in the back of my mind, but I also need to figure out my own path, forge my own way.

I think that’s how millennials baffle the older generations the most. We’re not content with just working to survive. We want more than that and we’re taking steps to get it.

(I mean, we’re probably still little pains sometimes to those older generations, but hey, that’s expected, right?)

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Writing Space

A couple of days ago I cleaned off my desk in the den.

I literally was hoarding a couple of dozen books on and around the thing (and I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture)! Not only were books living on my desk, but I also had a handful of notebooks and writer magazines as well. It definitely looked to be the messy, disorganized space of a writer who writes by the seat of her pants rather than following outlines.

At the moment, I basically have one notebook, a little stack of drawing supplies, and a charger or two. Despite me having “cleaned it off,” I’m still sitting here on the couch with my laptop.

My desk chair isn’t even in our den. It’s been more or less camping out in my bedroom with the desktop computer since Rachel and I have been gaming more often lately.

I’ve read up on how writers usually have their own little nooks, a safe haven for them to communicate with their muses and just get in the “work” mindset. I don’t have that. If and when I write, I go where I’m comfortable, be it the couch, my bed, or my desk.

Scheduling is fantastic and all, especially with the measly 24 hours we have in a day, for a writer’s workday, and I need to create one for myself. Rachel gets tons done with her to-do lists, and I want to do a lot more to improve my writing, drawing, and general life skills (because adulting is hard). However, schedules and I were never on good terms. Perhaps it’s time to make a truce.

Having a clear work space may appeal to the scheduling gods.

How about you? What’s your writing space like?


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On My Mind

A couple of months ago I got a new job. I’m officially out of the retail environment after almost ten years with a Monday through Friday, steady hours, nice paycheck gig. All in all, everything is going well and I’m enjoying where I am now.

However, sometimes the work slows down and I’m literally sitting there reading whatever articles Yahoo deems important or playing Sudoku on the web. Sometimes this can make the day go by agonizingly slow.

I’m sure you all know those kinds of days.

This week wasn’t too bad. I honestly think it was due to my brain thinking about the stories I’ve been handwriting lately. They’re nothing special, seriously just some silly fanfiction-y things, but it’s the act of continuously writing these stories in my head while pretending to read an article about the latest “Dancing with the Stars” cut that make the passing time not seem quite as long.

I suppose it’s like pretending your favorite character is in your pocket, commenting on everything as your day goes by. All I have to do is remember not to make goofy faces while thinking of the story or characters!

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